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Friday, April 8, 2011

Welches con man foiled again

And this time, the interaction spices up a tour of the Rose City.

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David, get a van and move to Corbett!

I wonder if this guy has any idea that he is a main feature on one of the most popular blogs in Portland?

For every reported confrontation on Bojack or elsewhere where David was told this, there have to be many more that go unreported. Yes, he must certainly know by now why he's gotten some notariety.

Problem is, he can still pull his scam off in Portland, perhaps needing only an occasional neighborhood change of venue to be successful.

Bethany Storro was convicted today for a similar crime. She accepted $28,000 from strangers after burning herself with drain cleaner and claiming a black woman did it.

Why does she get prosecuted and David does not? (I mean apart from the fact that one is in Vancouver and the other is in Portland.)

Storro was given a suspended sentence on the condition that she not repeat her crime and gets mental health treatment.

Under the same circumstances, David should be forced to stop ripping people off or face jail time for the felony conviction.

It's a funny and depressing testament to the stubbornness of the human psyche that this guy cannot get off the Welches story, no matter how many people a day now call him on it before he can even get the 'Wel--' out of his mouth.

All other moral and ethical shortcomings aside, he seems fairly imaginative, and smart enough to know where to be/what parts of town invite tourists, etc... Yet he's never even imagined that changing the story even slightly might result in more clueless marks falling for it?

Not to give him any ideas... it's just funny. Keep up the good work, David.

Lyle, agreed. I went through about a third of the comments in Jack's "Welches Con Man" archives and was cracking up at how unbelievably static David's story has been, and how unbelievably entitled he acts around town.

The guy is obviously mentally ill, that's something I didn't realize at first. That excuses nothing of course. He's still a pest and a weasel. But I now have a better understanding of his overall character.

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