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Friday, April 15, 2011

U.S. government kills online poker

Federal prosecutors have indicted the people behind the three biggest internet poker sites, and reportedly made it impossible for U.S. players to reach them.

Score one for the Harrah's types. But it's hard to stop the internet, and even harder to stop gamblers from gambling. New chapters of this tale are no doubt being written already.

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I don't play poker and only "gamble" when in Vegas every couple of years but this shutdown strikes me as a waste of time. Why don't the feds go after all the crooked politicians, CEO's, and union bosses? Really wondering why I voted for Obama...fell for the 'ol bait and switch I guess.

Next thing you know they'll be going after online football pools...watch out, Jack!

Bah, get off your backsides and drive to your nearest indian casino! Support your local economy!

The state needs its cut of the booty. Oh, and remember, "lottery games are for entertainment only, not investment purposes".

Just remember.....If you can't afford to gamble, don't lose.

This was low dangling fruit just begging to be picked and processed.

Way back in 2006 within the SAFE Port Act, there was a rider buried in the bill called the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006. This specifically prohibited business (online or otherwise) from knowingly accepting the bet or wager involving the use of the internet.

This being said, the real issue here is the lack of tax collection associated with a morally dubious behavior (gambling). The government would could care less if the gambling took place on a Native American Reservation or in Las Vegas where the activity is heavily taxed. Yet, these online companies found loopholes around the laws, greed took over, they got too big, and they drew attention.

Let me go and try to manufacture some crocodile tears...Wait, I cannot for this.

But yet the Great State Of New Jersey WANTS internet games tied to New Jersey casinos!
And I find that HYPERCRITICAL on the states part as New Jersey was key in banning on-line games along with the Fed's in the early 2000's.....Reason being, problem gamblers, underage, moral decay ect.. And now New Jersey as well as the 12 Casinos that operate there, Want to introduce a bill to make on-line gambling legal... As long as Atlantic City's dying casinos benifit!
And make no mistake with the increased competion from surrounding states, Atlantic City is now on life support!.

"the real issue here is the lack of tax collection"

Yeah, I believe that's what the Chinese say when they're monitoring all the web traffic for their citizens.

The sickening aspect of gambling is that the State of Oregon supports it. They even market it to people heavily.

Oregon needs to get out of the gambling business. Regulate it to the fullest and collect taxes on it.

Obviously don't make it illegal, just let private companies sell their video crack machines to bars -- and collect tax money from the proceeds with a good percentage going to gambling addiction services.

You can thank that "great" Democrat Harry Reid for this. In cooperation with the powers-that-be in the Nevada Gaming Industry; Harry did his part to make sure that if internet poker is to be a money making proposition, Nevada casinos get a part of that revenue.

The Nanny State strikes again. Why those idiots have nothing better to do than attacking something that grown adults want to do and hurts no one is beyond me. Someone is not gettng their cut it seems.

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