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Friday, April 22, 2011

Uprise -- blood pressure edition

The Blazers' next playoff game will be at the Rose Garden tomorrow at 2 in the afternoon. Apparently the construction of the eastside streetcar is going to have traffic and transit service in the vicinity tied up all weekend. Fans should plan to parachute in to the game.

UPDATE: 1:47 p.m.: Oh, and it gets better -- the Morrison Bridge will be closed tomorrow! This is what is known among Portland transportation officials as a "cluster."

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It's the city that works...

on all major streets...
at the same time...

"Streetcar work to interrupt MAX service". Wow, there's so many rail projects, they're starting to cancel each other out.
This is like having to move your train set on Christmas morning so your brother has room to play with HIS train set.
Of course, there's no ice crystals forming on your living room floor. Otherwise both trains would stop working.

Pathetic! Are the idiots at City Hall even aware that the Parking Garages and Lots at the Rose Garden are a source of City revenue? And that for a Trailblazer Playoff Game, they will likely be full to capacity by game time?

Dig, we must.

They in a big hurry with all these projects because they need to get government controlled transportation in place before they can implement the outright ban on personal vehicle use (other than bicycle).

cluster buck

Maybe COP can discount street parking over by Jeld-Wen Park

Like I just posted above on "Mission Impossible", Portland is becoming like Rothenburg, Germany, a historical city with no commerce, just walk, even if you are handicapped.

Shop Washington and Clackamas counties.

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