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Friday, April 1, 2011

To our readers

In the spirit of full disclosure, we want to alert our readers in advance to some changes to this site that will become evident this summer. After a fair amount of soul-searching, and consultation with a couple of reader focus groups, we have accepted a generous offer by SagaCity Media to bring this blog under its umbrella of world-class publications. Having this blog hosted on their servers will enable all sorts of new interactive features that will make it an even better outlet for the news and views that you've come to expect. We're also looking forward to the excellent editorial guidance that their leadership can provide.

Don't worry, we'll still be the same old us, but come our ninth anniversary, this July 2, our old server will automatically refer you to our new blog location, here. Wish us luck with this exciting transition!

Comments (19)

April Fools Day?

Will SagaCity Media collect your readers' addresses for use in ways unexpected by your readers?

Speaking of readers' addresses, isn't it time for another telephone book directory? This site might be helpful to keep the deadtree editions off the front porch:

So...Jack will only be updating us on a monthly basis.

The blog will be bursting at the seams with PDX goodness!

By the way, a server is just a server.

Maybe Randy Gragg will lend you one of his black turtlenecks.

Do me a favor and pull the other leg for me. This one pulled my left one so far that I'm walking in circles.

heh, heh!!!

You wouldn't let Gragster edit your crossword puzzle.

You ought to be compensated for this blog, Jack. It's far more informative than the Oregonian or the Tribune.

How to reach a broader audience? Then you can make the advertising model work.

Hmm. I was expecting maybe a sale to AOL, or the News Corp. But this is exciting, all the same.


U.S. Conference of Mayors Climate Protection Agreement. This was something championed by Portland’s big green mayor.

Turns out there’s a spec for sustainable fire hydrants.

Damn site won't even load. Guess we'll miss you, Jack.

Hopefully its his version of an April fools joke for sure.

What the charrette? I was never informed of this so called "reader focus group" I could have rode my bike over and participated! I have a feeling that the "powers that be" already made the decision and and the "public process" is a joke. I'm sure with a little digging we will find a connection between whoever Mr Bog is sleeping with and this SagaCity Media. For the next week we will be bombarded with tweets and tricks as how green these servers are and each has its own bioswale. I'm very disappointed and am in the process of contacting your main advertiser and telling him I will no longer support him..Now where is Welches, OR?

Google's Gmail Motion is a pretty good attempt but Jack's was better!

I recently went to an event where my wife and I sat with Portland radio legends Mark and Dave. A couple of young women sat down at the same table and they turned out to work at Portland Monthly. They were really nice and I asked them the obvious question: Do you ever run out of lists? Does it ever come down to, "Our 10 Greatest Garden Utensils"?
Then I told them the magazine had done an article about me when it first started. I didn't tell them this part, but I sort of bagged the vibe over there with the picture. I was wearing a business suit, but I saw a tennis racket in their office, so the picture is of me playing tennis in a business suit.
At this point I asked them what their jobs were, and without getting too specific, they were both upper management types. Being a relentless freelancer, I immediately switched gears and asked them if they wanted another columnist. They looked at each other and I think they were very impressed in a sort of "Do you want to go?" kind of way.
So I don't know what's going to happen first: Jack starts up there, or I get my column. But at least I have an in with the editors.
Good luck with this, Jack. When I see how much Dwight Jaynes has improved under the wing of Comcast, I just know this is really going to work out.

Good Luck Jack; we can all say we "knew him when".

I can picture it now: The list of the 10 silliest things that significantly bumped up the City-of_Portland debt-o-meter!

sagacity [səˈgæsɪtɪ] n. - foresight, discernment, or keen perception; ability to make good judgments;
related words: indiscreetness, injudiciousness - lacking good judgment.

Use in a sentence: Dis servering is so gackity.

Um Tensky? I think you lost something in the translation...

I, for one, welcome our SagaCity overlords.

You are just plain mean. Wait, wait...I think my heart rate is finally slowing down now....

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