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Friday, April 8, 2011

The latest pastime at the Portland Water Bureau

Forget the Tweeting -- how about wrestling?

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Boy it must be really nice to work at the Water Bureau these days! What a lovely working environment, with nice friendly people who behave well and are polite and kind to others.
Perhaps the book "Everything I Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarden" should now be the approved employee manual for the city. They all take naps after lunch anyway.

So this is why Randy wants his armed guards?

Could Leonard actually be worse for Portland than Adams????In my opinion, yes, and I just hope this is another nail in his political coffin.

This all reflects the leadership at the top down to the managers...dysfunctional and incompetent.

A Portland Water Bureau employee involved last year in an office altercation with her supervisor is suing the city and her boss for assault, retaliation for taking family leave, retaliation for whistle-blowing and wrongful termination.....

Most interesting aspect of this:
retaliation for whistle-blowing...

Have wondered why there hasn't been whistle-blowing from within the PWB?

clinaman, as a City employee,rest assured that Sam, in particular, is one of the most vindictive employees in the City, with a long memory as well. And, if one works in a bureau with good management, one keeps low so as not to bring retribution upon one's own bureau.

Hey...does Randy know about this:


This is really bad news - competition is never good.

john dull:Could Leonard actually be worse for Portland than Adams????In my opinion, yes, and I just hope this is another nail in his political coffin.

Me thinks that at this point Randy may not care about a nail in his political coffin.

In my opinion, something bigger than all of this is going on, why else would he turn his back as a local boy on our treasure, the Bull Run Water System including our reservoirs?

While I am at it, why are the elected officials and others in town so shhhhh about all this?

Which one has really stood up to save our good drinking water from being seriously degraded?

Not one official AFIK, with Merkley a possible fence sitter.

And what might those concerns be about "testing at Bull Run"? That is the real question.

Could it possibly be that they are trying to fudge the numbers to justify the UV plant and covering the reservoirs?

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