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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Super Carole steps in another bucket

Here's a foolish controversy for her to create when her big property tax bond issues are out for a public vote.

They want $700 from the average property owner. For that much we could take up a collection and send all the public school kids in the neighborhood to the French School and Central Catholic.

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Unless some of the neighborhood kids are disabled, don't speak English, or otherwise don't meet the limited criteria those schools require.

But they'll all have artificial turf on their sports fields!

You could start special schools for all of those kids, too, for $700 a lot.

Don't forget the $93,000 per teacher!


Looks like it's time for the school board to give Carole one of those talks that begins with, "You have done so much for Portland, but you have so many talents that are needed by so many other districts ..."

Anyone who thinks private schools don't take physically disabled students, or ESL students or kids with learning disabilites has not been in a private school in many, many years.

Very true, John Fairplay. People have no idea what private schools do or provide. And parents of private school students do not get vouchers or tax credits either.

according to the pps website there are 1400 potential students within grant high's boundary. central catholc's tuition is $10,000/year or $14mil to send all. $700 x 1400 = $980,000. oops.

ok. that was dumb. I needed number of property tax payers within boundary x $700. but I bet your math is still off.

My understanding is that this is about the union wanting to control the setting of the schedule rather than the administrators. Working 5/7ths--union (71.4%)of the day allows for a whole lot more coffee swilling than 6/8--district (75%)

Carole Smith has served as superintendent of Portland Public Schools since October 2007. PPS serves 47,000 students -- 42,000 in 85 district schools and 5,000 in focus/alternative, community-based and special services programs as well as public charter schools.

The math on the bond money for 47,000 students (2007)??

Just received the ballot in the mail this PM already filled in the No's and ready to mail it back tomorrow. As a fourth generation educator hope none of the family finds out. (At least they are down the valley and figure Portland needs its comeuppance every once in awhile.)

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