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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Something's popping down by Yosemite

The earthquakes under a place called Hawthorne, Nevada are going off every few minutes this evening. Including a 4.8. Here's the list -- go figure.

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Lets hurry and name it Mt. Bojack?. But then, if it never amounts to anything we can always re-name it Mt. Sam Adams.

There's alot of geothermal exploration going on in the region, including gubment drilling @ HWAD.
Seismic activity could be similar to Cobb MTN/Geysers area of N Cal.

Go figure... what? Earthquakes supposed to follow human logic?

Hawthorne, Nevada? Try:

Put (45.513N),(122.646W)into Google Maps!

Maybe related to gold mining operations?


There's an Army depot down there, too.

That area is near the Long Valley Caldera and it has been very active for earthquakes and volcanic hazards for almost 20 years recently. Look at google maps you can see the craters.

Why is it every time there is an earthquake swam in a seismically active area people jump to human causes? It is just geology. It is a living planet after all. And there on ongoing swarms down in the California-Mexico border, in Puerto Rico/Virgin Islands area, on Fox Island in the Aleutians, and plenty of other places far away from mines or geothermal developments.

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