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Monday, April 4, 2011

Something else to think about with the SoWhat jail

It won't be subject to Justice Department rules designed to prevent sexual assault by prison workers. Wonderful.

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Who cares? Those are aliens.

Well, that makes sense to not to apply Justice Department rules to the SoWhat Detention Center. With a Charter School only 40 ft to the east, why should we worry about our children, or even the teachers and administrators. The attached picture of a operating Detention Center is frightening to have as a next door neighbor.

You've got it all wrong, Jack.

It's not a detention center. It's actually a Memory Care Facility for immigrants who forgot to return home when their visa expired. Kind of like a Federal Kindercare for grownups.

Repeat after me: not a detention center!

NOT a detention center...

Not a detention center...

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