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Monday, April 25, 2011

Portland's mayor more irrelevant every day

All of his speechifying about the new interstate bridge has been thrown in the trash can, where it belongs.

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Sam can just paint a bird on it.

He should establish a task force to undertake a calculation of how much money and delay his demand for an "iconic bridge" has cost the region, and report back to us on that.

Either way, it's a huge mistake.

When I saw the announcement this morning in the news, my first thought was to wonder what Sam's reaction would be. Instead of going ballistic as I expected, the Mayor's whisper of a tweet gives his "full support" to Kitz. Ho Hum.

"Instead of going ballistic as I expected, the Mayor's whisper of a tweet gives his "full support" to Kitz".

It might still be a good idea to call in sick this week if you happen to be an underling at city hall.

"Metro will need to approve the final version, however."

If I rearrange the letters in Metro I can get rot em.

$120 million has already been spent and now another $50 Million.

Most all of which is paid to the proponents to produce the propoganda to force it forward.

Lyyn Peterson is on Kitzhaber's staff as his transportation advisor. She is mirror image of and big supporter of the Creep.

And with former Metro CFO Michael Jordan at Kitzhaber's side I have no doubt Creepy is more than delighted.

Now Creepy has his operatives in the Governor's office and Portland's control spreads.

Maybe the answer is to simply deport Portland from the United States and banish it from ever returning. Then everybody would be happy in the long run. The rest of the world is going to move on without it anyways.

Neither governor needs Adams' "support". There's a reason Adams or Vancouver's mayor weren't at the announcement. Even if Adams were loudly against the decision, it wouldn't matter, because he has no say in the matter. He knows it.

The real driving force from the Oregon side in the governor's office concerning CRC is more Senior Advisor Patricia McCaig (Walsh) than Peterson. She's got the ear of all demos in the state, has them on speed-dial and has plowed through the muck and personalities on the CRC. Sam is a joke-of-a-has-been in the the demo family. That means "toast" in Oregon.

Where did our Gov tie up his horse and what happened to his hat?

A farce in so many ways. They've been talking about replacing the interstate bridge for how long? Since 2004-2005 at least. Now construction will probably not start until 2013-2014 and take 4 years at least. Materials (esp. steel) will not be locally sourced and continuing inflation will jack the price 2-3x. Your grandkids will pay off the debt until they die, and pay some tolls eventually too, probably to some offshore corporation. The same process repeats with the Sellwood Bridge.

Anyone looking at the foregoing sees a failed society. A metro area of a million plus, and it can't build a bridge in less than 15 years, in which time and for which money at least 3 or 4 bridges could have been built. Read history, and you realize that the originals were built in only a couple of years, with local steel, etc. There was no design charette, there was no planning department. There were civil engineers who knew math. Now these days even in the highly bureaucratized engineering firms there aren't even that many of those. The massive buffer class is destabilizing the society and not only retarding all progress, but thwarting the provision of basic infrastructure and services. Seriously your town is a freaking joke. The rest of the world mocks you deservedly. It takes you two decades to build two bridges and there are so many grifters and hangers on in the process that it would have been easier and more cost effective to just let the bridges collapse and do without.

Chick-fil-A, a reserved AMEN. I feel many of your points in the several past years around here. The grifters are way beyond a cottage industry now. Sad.

As I stated before:

Agricultural Age
Industrial Age
Information Age
Absurdity Age
I may need to add that after that -

Failed Age

We just need to get control of the either corrupt or inept system and do whatever we can to make better. Admittedly it doesn't look good, but what else are we to do, stay the course??

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