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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Portlanders want water system taken away from Fireman Randy

That's the verdict from this survey. A well deserved verdict.

There's an easier way to change the way the water bureau is run, of course. Just vote the Sam Rand Twins out of office next year.

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Jack is right...vote them out. Not to be trusted, anything Saltzman proposes needs close scrutiny. He doesn't do anything that doesn't serve his own long term purposes. He's had many years and plenty of opportunities to object to Portland Water Bureau budgets and spending, but has remained a puppet voting to allow them to move forward as is. More election year posturing...anything to garner votes. Large water users need to tell the elected officials "we don't need treatment, and keep the open reservoirs like the 2004 city panel agreed to." Period.

It is the rare rare politician who willingly gives up power over anything.

I miss Mildred Schwab.

What dyspeptic said!

"There's an easier way"

Just make Randy go before the PUC if he wants a rate increase. Right now, he has no checks on his behavior. Of all the people in govt, he needs them the most.

Oops, belongs in the Blazer thread...

We really don't need Saltzman to posture for running for Mayor to make this happen.

The Charter Review commission could refer this directly to voters to make this a reality.

The next meeting is April, 20th 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. in the Lovejoy room at CIty Hall. They are very much needing public input.

Maybe so Jason, but that group is gaggle of hand-picked stooges from Council and needs a super majority to move a proposal. It ain't gonna happen.

Why not sell the utility in an IPO and use the cash to reduce city debt?

In my opinion, cannot wait until next year, major damage will continue with Leonard at the helm and bureau should be taken away from him immediately, yesterday, so to speak.

Plus, cannot trust anyone on Council on this water unless they sign in blood to do what is right for the public.

They have all gone on board with Leonard shipping out money to consultants and corporations. They have moved forward with huge unnecessary projects and debt. The word Waiver which would end this "trouble" is a taboo word with our Council, Leonard likes the word variance so they can continue spending.

They so far have had no conscience about the health of the drinking water for our community. Adding toxic chemicals and carcinogenic properties, the radon issue, etc., not a peep out of them on that concern.

Friends of Safe Drinking Water have an ad in the April 2011 SE Examiner that clearly explains the open reservoir public health benefits and then the public health problems with covered storage tanks.

Leonard already used an emergency ordinance to begin that $138 million storage tank on Powell Butte. Now he wants to move forward quickly on another $144 million tank on Kelly Butte.

They have bids out to dismantle the reservoirs. This needs to STOP NOW!!
The reservoirs are listed on a National Historic Register for heavens sake, how do they just ignore that? They have no respect for the efforts put forth to keep these on this National Historic Register.
They simply have no respect for the community period.

They are on a race to keep spending so that they can use the line on us that they have spent so much by now that they cannot turn back.

Think we need a “real” independent panel with a "real independent" trustworthy water commissioner.

Yes, this is a steaming few paragraphs, but watchdogs have seen enough of this troubling episode!

This excerpt then from an earlier comment I wrote on the April 11th thread here: Phony Story of the Month:
Children have a choice of living in a place run by Fireman Randy?

No they don't and that is why the adults of this community need to see that:

2. The drinking water is secure from added toxic chemicals and carcinogenic properties! Radon needs the open reservoirs to vent safely into the atmosphere.
On page 4 of the April 2011 SE Examiner, you will find valuable information on the open reservoir public health benefits and the public health problems with covered storage tanks.

Because you corporate engineers would really mess things up with no accountability, thay's why.

Well when people have to decide between flushing your dump or paying the rent, then the stench from City Hall becomes a pretty big deal.

There might even be a new phrase for all this,

"Excuse me, I have to go take a Randy."

Good one, Ralph!

Sam should fire Randy, then I'd like to watch their spandex, mudrascal wrestling match at the Crystal Springs Fountain between the two. Randy's Rose next door would be the beacon to the world to come all, see all. Can't wait.

And, what a surprise, Saltzman's frantic and chickenlittlesque demand to bury the reservoirs back in 2003 was been purged from The Trib's archives. Taking a clue from the Big O in sanitizing the records that do not make the good ol' boys look good, eh Dr. Pamplin?

They forgot to expunge the header to the ramblings which were originally above the fold on page C4 of the January 3, 2003 issue.

Of course, paper is tougher to delete. "Legend" indeed!

(If anyone cares, I'll scan and provide a link.)

Robert:Why not sell the utility in an IPO and use the cash to reduce city debt?

Bad idea. Stockton, CA had to fight for six long years to get their water rights back.

A community should not have to give up their water rights as a result of someone like Leonard and financial mismanagement!

Our community must insist that the unnecessary projects and spending be stopped.

Bull Run Water System including the reservoirs is the greatest treasure of our city that we the citizens own. Water is a basic necessity and citizens must retain their water rights.

Old Zeb,
If you have it, please scan it and post it.

Starbuck: Here ya' go:

Thanks! Copied and saved.

No they don't and that is why the adults of this community need to see that:
2. The drinking water is secure from added toxic chemicals and carcinogenic properties! Radon needs the open reservoirs to vent safely into the atmosphere.

Every parent needs to be involved.
Elected officials don't care even about the children.

Fat chance anything will change. When a bully steals your lunch money, asking politely for it to be handed back gets only laughter in your face, at best.

The Water Bureau has been turned into City Hall's cash cow precisely because you can't live here without it.

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