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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Nooner off your tuner

Hard to believe, much less to accept: They're cancelling "All My Children."

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No, no - actually they're replacing it with

"All my Grandchildren"

It's OK. Susan Lucci is now 65, so she can start collecting Social Security and Medicare.
She will have to pay out of pocket for the botox treatments though.

Who cares???

I never went to my TV for a nooner.

Eh. Not to worry.

Remember convertibles?

They went away and came back. So will soaps. Nothing new under the sun.

We'll always have Paris, Err, The Young and the Restless!

Soaps have been dying since the early Eighties, I'm afraid. When the soaps' main viewers started taking full-time jobs, it was a matter of time. (I dated several soap opera junkies in my youth, and they kept up only via VHS. These days, the DVR gets a workout, if they have the time to watch after they get home from work.) I figure that these might come back, as Samuel noted, but probably as subscription services via iTunes or Hulu.

They're cancelling "All My Children."

I'm trying to decide if that's a new motto to protest worldwide radioactive fallout.

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