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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

New terror task force doublespeak from Fireman Randy

Portland's little dictator has a new version of what the relationship between the city's police and the FBI is supposed to be. Essentially, Portland police will help the feds in terror cases if and when his puppet mayor and puppet police chief say it's o.k. But the local cops won't actually "join" the terrorism task force.

Whatever. It's all code for continued one-man rule over the city by you-know-who. This is supposed to protect everyone's civil liberties. The Sardine will go along, as will the Mayor-ionette, and so this silly issue is pretty much resolved until next year's municipal elections.

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Whatever is right. I don't know why the JTTF wastes their time talking to this crew. I would have just said "thanks, we'll let you know what we're up to at the next presser" a long time ago.

Unanswered is what happens when JTTF gives the info and they don't want to cooperate, or decide to cooperate and then something happens that they don't like.

Jack, can we get a countdown clock to the mayoral election on here?

Unless and until a decent challenger announces for any of the three City Council seats, we're holding off. It will be too depressing to build up hope and then have the same clowns, or similar clowns, win the election.

Jack, please, throw your hat in the ring!!

It doesn't take much imagination to figure how the FBI views the Creepy Crew.

I'll bet the bulk of discussion by the FBI about them is pretty similar to the discussions here.

Isn't Portland the only major city in the US that hasn't signed onto the JTTF? And isn't Mayor Creepy one of the few mayors in America that can't pass an FBI background check? What does that tell you about the so-called "leadership" in Portland?

Jack is too moderate for P-town.

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