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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Merkley took fat junket to China

And got mocked for it in the Washington Post.

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It's not the abuse of taxpayer dollars I'm so worried about, it's the inferences the Chinese will draw about the U.S. after meeting these less than formidable leaders.

I can vouch from personal experience that the Chinese are fantastic hosts -- remember the snake tastes like chicken.

I'm sure our progressive senator will come back a with an armload of Eastern wisdom to help us Win the Future (WTF).

I'm surprised these guys found time in their obviously packed schedule doing the will of the people.

Wonder if they ran into Sam.

Ten members of the US royal family, coming off a self serving decree session, plus spouses and their servant staffers and royal guards, landed in the Middle Kingdom.

Merkley, what a sap.
BlueOregon must be so proud.

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