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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Let's go fishin'

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Jack, I know you're off at the soccer game and all tonight, but thanks for providing this fine entertainment for the rest of us who couldn't make the big Paulson event.

Welcome to the world of invasive species.
The muscles from New Zealand aren't nearly as entertaining, but they are equally as destructive as the Asian carp.

Also the lion fish.

Why not cash in on this bonanza - Carp burgers? Fertilizer factory? Catfood?

Jack, That same scene could be on the Columbia,radioactive salmon downstream from Hanford and I bet they also glow in the dark!

Thanks for the link Abe, I was wondering.

Morning Snark:
So these are illegal alien fish that work hard, displace local fish and are prolific breeders. I would then assume they vote D.

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