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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Let's get this guy off the streets

Here in northeast Portland, there's a guy driving around exposing himself to middle school girls. He's been doing this at Alameda and 44th, at Alameda and Beaumont, and also at 20th and Brazee, which is more than 20 blocks away from the other two locations. So far he's been committing these acts on Friday afternoons, including this past Friday.

He's described as a Hispanic man, in his 20's, and driving a small white sedan, most likely a four-door. They haven't gotten the license number of his vehicle yet.

The Portland police officer on the case is Jim Mooney at 503-823-5700, and the case number is 11-32657.

UPDATE, 4:42 p.m.: As the comments to this post reveal, there was an extraordinarily similar case last fall, not too far away from where this one occurred. A suspect was arrested, acquitted despite victim identification, and apparently deported. Based on these facts, one could certainly draw a plausible inference that there's a connection between the two cases.

Comments (15)

I'm hoping the Neighborhood Assn is mobilizing volunteer residents to walk around the area around that time? Especially on Fridays?

Good stuff. Thanks for putting this out there. If I didn't have to work, I'd volunteer my time to just be around that area and be on the lookout to nab the guy. Disgusting.

The Portland area is beginning to Embrace Diversity as most other parts of Oregon have suffered for many years.

Please note how these predators usually target middle schools.

A make and model or a plate number, or both, would be a big help.

I will be on the lookout. Thank you for posting this information.

If I remember correctly, that's almost the exact same description (of both man and vehicle) of a similar situation at Hosford Middle School back in September.
The guy they arrested was found not guilty.

re:Hosford Middle School back in September


Don't know what became of this.

The police tell me that there was a suspect arrested and deported in the Hosford case last fall.

I'm not sure what that means for this case.

Given that the guy in the fall case was also at NE 77th and Alameda, it's hard to believe it's not the same guy.

My money is on the same p****jo. I'll bet the immigration judge didn't deport him because he had ties to the community. Stable job and living here for the last 11 years, a wife and 3 kids in town. The article did not say that he had a criminal history and he was acquitted of the previous charges. Even if he was deported it is not like he couldn't come back to his family in 3 weeks.

So, where does it say he was deported? Last thing I saw was the 12/2/2010 article in the Oregonian saying he was being detained: http://www.oregonlive.com/portland/index.ssf/2010/12/portland_jury_acquits_man_accu.html

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