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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Japan nuke update: Spent fuel pool acting up

The latest crisis at the Fukushima meltdown site, aside from earthquakes that continue to pound the place, is that both water temperature and radiation levels are rising quickly at the spent fuel pool at reactor no. 4. They say they can't get close enough to know exactly what's going on in there, but they keep pumping fresh water into the pool -- water that's no doubt winding up in the ocean in a highly contaminated state. At 90 degrees Celsius where the latest temperature reading was taken, they're reaching the point where the water in the pool is going to start bubbling.

Meanwhile, over at reactor no. 1, the pressure inside the reactor core continues to rise. There, too, it's not clear just what is going on inside. The huge steel reactor vessel may still be intact, but the seals connecting it to other parts are doubtlessly shot, and there's no doubt that there's been a partial fuel meltdown.

Now they're finding highly radioactive fish more than 20 miles away.

But don't worry. This won't affect us.

Comments (5)

It's now a level 7 on the INES, 2nd only to Chernobyl yikes...

Not second to Chernobyl. Tied with.

Russia is building nuke plants in India. Yikes.

DG, You state Russia is building "Nuke" plants in India.......It would not surprise me the way Washington works, Russia my someday build plants in the USA and I don't mean USA,Japan!
Oh,Only in America..............

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