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Saturday, April 30, 2011

I feel so much safer

What a day for America -- we've killed another one of Muammar Gaddafi's children. And three grandchildren, too. Who says Obama is no Reagan?

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Hope & Change

$5 gas = Change you can believe in!


How come we are so successful at killing his progeny? That's what happened the last time around, we killed his adopted daughter? I surely feel sorry for the moms who obv. have no choice in the matter. But, what are our tax dollars going for, if all this military fire power doesn't work? And I don't really approve of bombing him/his family, that shows we are no better than he is. If we can't take care of this through the U.N., etc. well, Obama's no better than his predecessors. Or, there is no solution and we are doomed to keep doing the same dam stupid thing.

Well, the libs bought Obummers BS hook line and sinker and voted him in....

Walker, my point is Obama is not doing anything better or different than his predecessors, Clinton and either of the Bushes. It has been extremely disappointing. It is all about the oil, people.

How much oil do we get from Libya?

Max, it is just as important even if we use no oil from Libya. Or Venezuela. If their production diminishes then their customers will enter the market for the stuff from our usual suspect...er, suppliers.

More importantly, "the market" will react to any reduction of or even threat of reduction by raising the price of futures.

There is sufficient gasoline in the system right now: the speculators are betting that we will have a problem. Our price at the pump is collateral damage to a bastardization of the free market.

But if the price goes high enough, it will drive international policy and a self-fulfilling chain of events gets set into motion.

Obama is not Reagan. Worse. Obama is Bush the Younger.

Take care of this through the U.N. is an Utterly Naive statement.

Libya's oil goes directly to Europe that otherwise would go hungry without it.

Its not about oil, its about growing food and being able to move food to where its needed.

"It is all about the oil"

Can we get past this canard? Qaddafi was just fine for 30+ years until just two months ago (and I still don't know what exactly got better/worse in Libya). Then Obama can add in:
- An economy that is still not showing many benefits street level and the need for a distraction
- The potential to kill a "mad-man of the Middle East" and look big
- An upcoming re-election for guy who is dropping in the polls like a rock.
- Some freedom-fighter scenario to glom onto (even though we don't know if the replacements will be any better).

Oil is probably one of the lesser drivers and a good distraction for the less critical. This is straight out of Bush I & II's book also. If it is all about oil, then go drill for some more or release some reserves instead of using it a tool to throw some more money at windmills (why waste a good crisis?)

This is more like Sam's Euro trips to visit a "potential" green employer when things get sticky here.

Maybe there are rubes out there.

No, that can't be right.

The truth is that Bush I mean Obama lied to get into office. Yeah, that's the ticket.

Well, the libs bought Obummers BS hook line and sinker and voted him in....

Not all libs bought Obama hook line and sinker, some knew of his corporatist leanings, and turning his back on the FISA vote while in the Senate. The independents voted for him and some Republicans did simply because they also could not accept the McCain/Palin ticket. Obama was very well PR and marketed to the American people, we do live in a world of being sold goods to, don't we?

People were desperate to get their country back on track, unfortunately, the “train of hope and change” went off the track for many. We are finding out now that most in Congress are not working for our interests either. The Supremes have shown their colors, corporations have it over us now.

It doesn't bode well, as it looks like those who rule just like the last time will select the candidates for us again.

We need to stop bashing each other, the libs, the tea baggers, etc. It is we the people who need to join together, as distasteful as that might be for some, surely we can find a common ground to work together, to try to get some semblance of our America back, if we can. It is we the people versus the corporations and the very elite. They like being above us taking advantage while we argue amongst ourselves.

Some weeks ago I read an article that said the Gaddhafi wanted to create a currency for Africa to compete with the Euro and dollar in the international marketplace. I have no idea how much truth there was in the article and have not done any further research, but it sounds rather interesting and a good excuse for a cheap war.

It NOT about OIL!!

If it were about oil, we would first lift the various bans on domestic oil.

Second, we would allow oil leases on any Federal land, not just what the government selects. (Of course, they would have to not trash the place.)

Third, start encouraging the conversion of natural gas and coal into oil. Sasol has been doing this for years and currently it is cheaper to make diesel from natural gas than it is from crude oil.

It is not about oil!

Its about politics and crackpot theories like global warming and peak oil. And about billions to politically connected alternative energy hucksters.


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