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Monday, April 18, 2011

How Tom Moyer will get your sewer bill payment

The City of Portland developer welfare system truly boggles the mind. Now the sewer bureau says it needs 75,000 square feet of additional office space -- and of course, the usual suspects are lining up to provide it.

In these hard times, one would have thought that city bureaus would be trying to contract, rather than expand. But not when there are hungry mouths to feed in the West Hills.

Speaking of Tom Moyer, when is he going to be tried on his pending felony campaign finance fraud charges? It's less than two weeks short of a year since the state supreme court reinstated those charges.

Comments (10)

"Already overflowing on two full floors at the Portland Building next to City Hall, the bureau could relocate as soon as 2013"

Hmm. How many people does it take to process sewer bills? The engineers and street crews could work out of a cheap facility out by the airport or somewhere. Leaving admin and accounts people who might arguably need to be near city hall.

In any case there must be about a hundred better solutions than leasing some of the city's most expensive office space in a brand new skyscraper.

With the "Big Pipe" winding down it is unconscionable. Must be attending Leonard's "How to Print Money and Amuse Yourself at the Public's Expense" seminar.

My favorite line is:

BES is in the market for about 75,000 square feet of top-grade office space and recently put out a call for proposals.

Yup, we need to make sure the they have the best digs possible, they deserve it.

"How many people does it take to process sewer bills?"

A lot - You forgot Portland's history with computers and utility billing.

And don't forget those water and sewer bill will be sent out monthly now. Admiral Randy wants his money!

If they don't carry a shovel to work or drive a truck/backhoe, they should be outsourced or automated.

It would be cheaper to pay an engineering contractor DOUBLE than take on the lifetime pension and healthcare benefits for a city engineer. The work would be completed more quickly too.

This city really is hopeless.

Admiral Randy wants his money!

Admiral Randy turned out to be handy -
for some.

Mister Tee--shouldn't the ones being outsourced include the shovel, back hoe and truck drivers as well?

So rather than occupy some of the existing empty Class A office space around the downtown core, they would prefer to feed new construction work to have more office space built. That's government for you.

"one would have thought that city bureaus would be trying to contract, rather than expand."

You got it right Jack but it's called "contracting"

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