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Monday, April 11, 2011

Go by super-bus

This could leave the fixed-rail birds behind on a number of fronts. It would do best with a dedicated lane, but it can go just about anywhere.

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Never happen here. The Wise Ones (planners) know that healthier and happier communities are only possible if people can't get anywhere faster than by foot or speeding unicycle.

250 km/h (about 150mph) should be just about right for the downtown bus mall.

A growing number of medium-haul, curb-to-curb bus services may also make high-speed rail moot. They're based on the cheap "Chinatown buses" that run between Chinatowns on the East coast, but made more appealing and less sketchy with more comfortable coaches, online booking, and free WiFi. They fill the sweet spot between shorter trips for which you might as well drive and longer ones for which you might as well fly -- precisely the niche high-speed rail is supposed to fill. The ridership is mostly college students and young adults and others who need cut-rate fares, but that will change as airline tickets and gas prices continue to climb.

The light rail gig may be up.
Choke on it insiders!

What no housing development?
Can't have that.

The light rail gig may be up. Choke on it insiders!

The light rail gig may be an "upchuck" on insiders!

There, I fixed it for ya.

"We can build a butt-ugly luxury limosine that can travel 250 km/hr, but we had to stretch it way out, increase passenger capacity significantly, and put the "public transit" tag on it in order to overcome the horrendous fuel consumption".

Now I know why the Dutch don't built autos for export.

They were making these back in the 70's; even created a movie about one that had nuclear power: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bPpBGsFddao

That would make too much sense and not be wasteful enough.

Faster than a speeding tram
More powerful than a trolley
Able to be built wholly on the public dime
Look! Up in the air, it’s a bird, it’s a plane, No. wait! it’s a bird on a plane! No..er..it’s Super bus!

RE: Super-Bus

- no bike racks
- no room for strollers or wheelchairs
- no standing room


The Onion already covered this.

But it's European! Therefore we HAVE to have it too!

Too bad about the money already spent on trolleys and light rail; they're so passe'.

Sexy but impractical.

This is what is taking over the intercity transportation industry:


Not sexy but practical and cheap, so the city will find a way to kill this in its sleep.

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