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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Fukushima no. 1 acting up?

We've been following the readings on the Fukushima meltdown reactors carefully over the last half-day or so, and we're seeing some high pressure readings in unit no. 1. If you go here and compare the core pressure (P Core) of unit no. 1 to nos. 2 and 3, you see that no. 1 is at six or seven times that of the other two, and rising steadily. Not being a nuclear engineer, we can't tell how much of a cause for concern that is, but it's obvious that the problems in the reactors aren't all the same.

Having failed in sealing the radioactive water leaks with sawdust, newspaper, and adhesive, and while they're spraying Superglue on the ground to keep the radioactive dust down, maybe Tokyo Electric will try massive injections of this for any core pressure problem. And I don't know, for plugging things up, you can't beat this.

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Note - this post contains speculation.

Rising pressure may actually be a good thing. Pressure won't rise if you have a big gaping hole in the side. It may also mean that the coolant pumps are operating again.

It could also mean that hydrogen is building up again. Or a valve is stuck in the wrong position.

Unfortunately, TEPCO isn't going to disclose anything unless they absolutely have to. That is the only thing that is clear thus far, other than that there is a very large mess, getting larger.

"Probably should not eat the sushi from Japan"
Mr. Tee......I asume you mean the fish, rice and seaweed!

I've been arguing for the use of duct tape on the reactors for a long time. I just know it works around the house.

The L.A. Times link in the comment above mentioned, "On Tuesday the company said the leak instead might be coming from a faulty joint where the pit meets a duct..."

Hello? Duct tape!

At least there's this good news from the people managing the situation. They must be very disappointed.

Interestingly, Bob Park of American Physical Society is having his bitter Cassandra moment. For a long while he's been calling for nuke plants to put platinum wool pads up in the tops of containments so that if any hydrogen collected it would be catalyzed and wouldn't explode.

Alas, too soon old, too late smart . . .

I bet NRC starts requiring those now though.

Save your old catalytic converters!

Fukushima Internal Emitters

An ill wind comes arising
Across the cities of the plain
There's no swimming in the heavy water
No singing in the acid rain

Absalom Absalom Absalom

720kpa is 104psi, not that high of a pressure for a pressurized water reactor. Pressure alone wont tell us what is going on, we need to know the other factors before knowing if it is normal or abnormal.

It may also mean that the coolant pumps are operating again.

Total b.s. Those pumps won't be back for a long time, if ever.

not that high of a pressure for a pressurized water reactor

One in shutdown? No.

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