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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Fish splits with Sam Rand Twins on terror task force

Quoth Nick Fish:

The Mayor's proposed resolution is an improvement over the 2005 resolution. I have worked closely with the Mayor to be sure the protections of civil rights are explicit and the supervision by Council and the police chief are clear.

However, I am concerned that the addition of the limitation to only allow Portland police officers to participate in "full investigations" is a fundamental flaw in the resolution. The provision is confusing and will prevent officers from performing basic police work when working with the JTTF.

I am confident that Council can create an agreement with our federal partners that will protect liberties and enhance safety. I will be working with my colleagues to bring an amendment to address what I see as a critical shortcoming in the proposed resolution.

This is a diplomatic, but big, thumbs-down to the mayor and Admiral Randy. Given Legend Dan's support for rejoining the federales, it sounds as though Nurse Amanda may end up holding the swing vote on this one.

Comments (4)

fundamental flaw in the resolution.

Hay Nick,

It's not a flaw it's a feature.

This is all staged, more or less. All councilors knew the detail would be debated or rejected--it's there for negotiating fodder. It doesn't "protect civil rights", and Fish the lawyer knows it. Fish the future mayoral candidate has to keep up appearances, though.

Also, Adams wants attention diverted from the fact that he can't survive a security clearance check. I assume that he asked Leonard to propose the bit being discussed.

Fritz will make similar throat clearings to Fish, but support it. Guaranteed.

Really, could Adams and council be any less effectual?

Are we the only city in the US whose mayor cannot pass the background check?

pdxjim - you are right on - maybe he's cutting a deal with the FBI to have them 'destroy' his FBI file. This whole thing stinks along with the council. It must have been Nick's turn to 'opt out' of the madness to regain face.

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