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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Embarrassment in Eugene

The Oregon Ducks won their second-tier post-season invitational basketball tournament, but the key play in the final game was when a player on Creighton committed a backcourt violation because the awful, awful cutesy U of O arena floor doesn't have a clearly visible center court line. Way to go, Ducks! Another tainted trophy for Phil Knight's case.

They need to start all over on that floor. It looks more like vomit than anything else, and makes watching a Ducks game on television impossible. Our friend Bill McDonald pointed out the other day that it looks like the same paint job as on the tops of the Fukushima reactors. Indeed. Epic fail.

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Don't worry, when Oregon State won the CBI tournament 3 years ago, most arrogant duck fans just made fun of it. Now that they won it, I'm looking forward to seeing the same people talk about how it's a big flipping deal all of a sudden.

But then on the brighter side, our Timbers scored a point. How exciting is that?

Does that put them in the playoffs?

Maybe the "banner" they hang can have a background of center court.
(They will hang the banner won't they?)

Not sure any of us could comment on it until we actually sit in the building to see the floor in context. The line is there. Whether it should be easily discernible by fans high in the stands and on TV, too, well, maybe that should be the debate.

Unless the league intervenes, my guess is that nothing changes unless a similar critical call goes against the Ducks. In which case there would be a wide stripe the very next game.

In the meantime, I love the court. And there's no mistaking what game you are watching when you tune in.

Rant too much and we'll sound like old men telling kids about the 'good old days' of easy to read (big font) hardwood.

I still think it looks like a Goatse.

Appears to be in violation of NCAA regulations for the division line for failure to have a visible "2-inch-wide line" & violating the rule that the "logo should not distract from the players’ and the officials’ visibility of the division line" --


Section 2. The Playing Court—Dimensions

Art. 1. The playing court shall be a rectangular surface free from obstructions
with sidelines of 94 feet in length and end lines of 50 feet in length, measured
from the inside edges.

Art. 2. The court dimensions shall be marked as shown on the court diagram.

Section 3. Lines and Other Markings

Art. 1. The court shall be marked with boundary lines (sidelines and end lines)
and other lines and markings as shown on the court diagram.

Art. 2. Instead of the 2-inch boundaries listed on the diagram, it is legal to use
contrasting-colored floor areas by painting the out-of-bounds area, the center circle, and the free-throw lanes and lines so that the mathematical line between the two colors is the boundary. Such a contrasting-colored out-of-bounds belt should be at least 8 inches wide.


Art. 4. A shadow line is a line that designates the required 2-inch width by
use of border or outline lines at least 1/4-inch wide, which shall lie within the
2-inch width.

Art. 5. When the floor has a logo on the playing court, that logo should not
distract from the players’ and the officials’ visibility of the division line or center-circle line.


Court Diagram

Duck nest feathering

Don't know who designed this court, but I would have difficulty looking at it for the duration of a game, an assault to my eyes.

After not having watched television for awhile, noticed the same kind of visual flashy, over the top across the board, too much for my taste.

Feels we are being bombarded from all sides, flash distressing news, fear, faster this and that, twitter, flash visuals, etc.

In my opinion, no respect for human sensitivities.

I propose that from now on we refer to the division line on the court at the UofOh-oh! as "The Creighton Line."

p.s. clinamen's on target, but that's the point of all of those gimmicks: to disorient and re-orient, aka "marketing."

I believe you meant to say THIRD tier tournament. We were crowned the 101st best team in the country.

The MVP should be the court – they lost at Creighton.

It all worked out so well the other coaches got to thinking: The tennis court now requires 3D glasses. The track has a movable finish line. And the football field lines now coordinate with the Duck uniforms!

Overall I'm a pretty positive person, but I have to say I'm not a fan of anything college ball. Even less of a fan of the big money ducks and their fat cat boosters.

College B-ball. and College football for that matter, are beyond corrupt. There are billions made off of disposable youngsters. Dealings that would make any of our corrupt polititians or developers look like crime rookies.

The illegal recruiting of teens, the backdoor deals, the illegal payments to players, the fake courses, phony grades. Most "student athletes" do not graduate, and if they do they fight the real world with a fake degree minus the education. All for the sake of big money for the wheeler dealers.

Sorry for the rant, but a visit to the dentist is more preferable to anything college sports.

Jack, like 80% of evrything you write, I don't get your hatred of the Ducks. The game Friday night was a great basketball game between two evenly matched teams, where the lead shifted back and forth, neither team folded, and the winning basket was made with 2 seconds left.

The arena is a beautiful facility. Dana Altman has done a very good job in his first year with a team picked for last in the Pac 10. And I (and a lot of other people) like how the floor looks.

I think it was unfortunate that Creighton had the over-and-back. If they hadn't, they might have won, or, more likely, the game would have gone into overtime. The Creighton player should have known where he was on the court. He made a mistake, and I'm sure he feels crappy about it.

I don't think anyone on the Oregon side will be crowing that the CBI tournament victory is earth-shattering news, but it was a great experience for the team, and, with some time to recruit some great players, in a couple years I think the Ducks will be contenders. (And then you can hate them even more I guess.)

Gibby you are right on!

The floor was a cheap attempt to outdo Boise State's blue football field. But you can actually watch a game being played on the Boise State field. As I say, epic fail. Like so many things Duck.

Your glee in this and other failings of the state and world never cease to amaze. Hell, I find it fairly amusing. Keep up the good work.

I wish it were glee. It's frustration that so many Oregonians (and Americans) sit around and let garbage happen without even saying anything, much less getting off their duffs and doing something.

I guess I see doing and whining as two different things.

I guess you've got to start somewhere.

Seems too many people just depend on others to take care of matters.

Know some who look down on people who would be involved in matters. "I don't get involved with politics" they say...almost like that would be a waste of their time. Some at a class reunion said "Well, I vote, I vote."
So, don't associate too much with those types anymore and I am sure the feeling is mutual, they don't like to be reminded of things or that they are not contributing to civic duty.

However, I have new friends and they are the best, the ones who actually care about matters and the world around them and are willing to do something about it, whether writing, being active in some way or another.

This is why I value the blog and knowing that others care.

I think Portland and Oregon could take a lesson from Wisconsin and other states.

A cleansing is what is needed from our neighborhood level to national and then some.

So Andy,
What do you do for the community?
Many on here are doers, not just whining and far from "starters."

For Pete's sake, shouldn't we be entitled to get on with our lives without worrying about some megalomaniac skimming our water rates or opening the public money spigot for east coast robber barons or handing 200% of what's left of our state's beleaguered borrowing capacity to a few "academics" in Eugene who are so dazzled by Nike wealth that they can't see corruption under their noses or . . . I could go on.

What kind of postseason tournament has the home team literally playing at home in the championship?

I can't believe they painted "Deep in the Woods" on the court. The first thing tat came to my mind when I saw that was "the scene" from Deliverance. But it's appropriate - we're deep in the back woods of Oregon and we're all gonna be on the hook for Matt Court when Uncle Phil's "endowment" runs out and they can't sell enough tickets.

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