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Monday, April 11, 2011

Do as we say

Not as we do.

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I think Sam's been "carpooling" ever since he wrecked his gas guzzling, pollution spewing pick-up truck. How do the rest of the City Council members get to work?

No surprise

It's amazing what imaginary things can be accomplished when you don't care how much the real cost of anything is, when no one is ever held accountable for anything and when many profit or make careers out of the pretenses and public deceit.

In reality this cabal traded way maintained infrastructure and sound fiscal structure for the boondoggles, transit schemes and Urban Renewal blunders.

Portland Public Schools are asking for $1/2 billion to fix up their aging and negelcted schools because they long ago joined the club and sat by why the very money that would have maintained and upgraded all of their properties was diverted to the Goldshmidt/Katz/Adams-Metro/TriMet charade.

Whether it's the Schools or the Sellwood bridge it was dishonest people with names behind the neglect and miappropriation.

Now instead of facing consequences they celebrate the outcomes they pitch as worthwhile and demand more money.

So the gubbermint uses tax dollars to build it and then subsidize their employees use of it with more tax dollars.

Pity the poor stiffs who work the night shift and get little or nothing in terms of services.

Adams doesn't carpool. That was a very temporary PR effort.

The sad fact is that "studies" like this are for grad students and wonks who mostly talk to each other. In the real world, nobody cares about this.

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