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Monday, April 4, 2011

Come here often -- to Whole Foods?

There could soon be a bar in your local yuppie supermarket. It's happening elsewhere, apparently.

Forget "What's your sign?" Go with "Nice arugula."

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Doesn't the cafe in Whole Foods on Burnside serve beer and wine now?

Perfect. Buy your salad and get it tossed in one go.

There are already coffee houses around town now have started serving beer and wine.
Cocktails are probably next...

Stonerville-Alkytown-TobaccoCity... youth likes to party it up and there's money to be made by it on all levels.

Backward Portland! Cannon Beach has a hardware store with a bar.

coffee houses around town now have started serving beer and wine

Good point. Didn't the Starbuckers just announce a new store at or near Powell's that will serve alcohol?

I'm warming up to Whole Foods. My wife and I did a comparison of prices at Whole Foods v. New Seasons, and Whole Foods was lower on almost everything.

I think New Seasons has better produce and meats, but on packaged items they've become very expensive. It sucks that our local provider is higher than "Whole Paycheck"...

and now a bar? Cool.

Old news if you live in an area (East Coast) with a Wegmans Market.

I already get a creepy meat-market feeling at New Seasons. Every time I look up I feel like everyone is staring at eachother.

Safeway, everyone shuffles around silently with eyes down.

Fred Meyer, the happy medium.

Can we put in orders for home delivery?

Hello Johnson's? It's Jane Hudson. I wanna ordah some liquah.

Actually Snards, most are smiling because new Seasons is a happy place, for the most part.

I' serious. I like to smile at another person. Looking down isn't my cup o' tea. And looking down at some of the Freddies gets you a view of a crummy floor.

I shop at WinCo, the money I save allows me to buy the good beer, OK, bourbon.

Looking down isn't my cup o' tea.

If you were called Snards, life would be different.

Knock yourself out Starbuck. Go to New Seasons and moon at the other weirdos. Pretend that picking fashionable cheese is making you happy.

I can't wait for you to meet Aliki!

Amen, Snards. The seven corners New Seasons is weirdo-central. Wow.

The Whole Foods on NW Cornell (near The Streets of Tanasbourne) opened with an active bar much like what pictured in the Gothamist post, but it seemingly went inactive in short order (along with the coffee bar).

I don't know about meeting Aliki, but when nature calls, I take Aleaky.

Now when you see someone drinking wine out of a paper bag you won't know whether he came from the Whole Foods or the 7/11.

I wouldn't know about any of all that. I live in Gateway and don't have any fancy grocery stores. We have a Freddy's, a Safeway, and not one but TWO Winco's. (In case you're wondering, some Winco's are nicer than others.)

I would dearly love a Trader Joe's in the area.

Hair shirts, anyone?

20 years ago the 'cafe' part of the 7-11 served beer and wine with food at sit down tables, at Swan Island Nothing new with this concept.

What happened to the urban renewal money for Gateway? I understand money was used for the light rail to Clackamas.

People in the area would like a Trader Joe's, could there be a PDC assist for a store in a Main Street Storefront program?

People now drive out of their way to go to specialty stores. Having one in that area would help reduce auto traffic.

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