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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Closing Portland's parks

It's been a cool, damp winter and spring in Portland, and the grass fields in the city's parks are wet and muddy. And so the city announced last week that the fields are closed, and now they will remain so until at least next Tuesday.

Has this ever happened before? Certainly the cold, damp weather has -- I mean the field closures.

Is there no other solution? Or is this another situation in which the city doesn't have the money to deal with routine problems because it's blown it all on junk?

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Hispanics have organized soccer league games that are well attended community events. If controls weren't in place the sports field would be either mud or dust.

Unleashed dog runs in leash parks have the same effect.

At any rate - you gotta give the land a break.

I heard about this last week, but the girls' rugby on the big pitch at Normandale has been going on each evening as usual. Last night, too, there was fierce kickball action.

I think the city did the right thing here so the fields don't get completely tore up and have to be re-sodded.I'm not sure what they could do for the fields other than just letting them dry out if the rain ever stops.What I don't get is why they say the fields are a safety danger.How bad can could you get hurt in a muddy field????

Pete, when I heard about these park closures, I thought that enforcement would a real issue.

Yeah, the parks are closed because mud is dangerous, but the side walks are non stop trip and fall hazards! I took a header yesterday on NW Thurman at 24th street. A very nice postman helped scrape this poor old soul up off the street. The sidewalk "lift" that got me was over an inch high. I guess I will just have to constantly look at the sidewalk from now on and not bother to look around at other things.

It's worth noting that the problem seems to stop at the city limits, although the rains causing the problem didn't.

Portland has been scrimping on park maintenance for years.

For once, the City did the right thing. Using these fields now could cause long-term damage to the turf. Solution? Medford has done a marvelous job funding and building US Cellular Community Park. I believe it has 6 softball diamonds, 2 full-sized baseball fields and five or six soccer/football fields – all built using all-weather artificial turf.

John Dull--as the mom of a 10-year old soccer player, my concern isn't so much for the muddy field now, but for the ruts and ridges that will still be there once the fields dry out. I don't want my daughter spraining her ankle in a pothole out there!

MIchelle thats a valid point, one which I (as a man) didn't look that far ahead thinking about.I've coached youth sports (boys and girls) for over 20 years and have never seen a sprained ankle in that time but you do make a point. Kids are much tougher than most parents think but still things can and do happen....

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