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Saturday, April 16, 2011


The Blazers bit the dust in the first game of the playoffs. Little wonder: With the game on the line, Coach Nate ordered up some predictable Brandon Roy solo play that went nowhere. The Blazer shooting guards never showed up, and Gerald Wallace didn't get much done.

Meanwhile, the announcer lineup on ESPN was interesting: two women and one man in the arena in Dallas, and a woman anchoring back in the studio. That might have been a little more of a step forward into the future than we were ready for.

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We've got Dallas right where we want them.

Nate's already whining about the refs.

I just got back from my post-game walk. The feeling I had was they sank their 8-ball shots and the Blazers didn't. Nowitzki's 3 late was a winner as was Jason Kidd all night. Those are 2 magnificent NBA players. Dirk is such a monster. Have you ever seen a 7-footer who's that automatic on foul shots? Plus they asked Ray Allen who he thinks has the best jump shot in the league - besides himself - and he said Nowitzki. And he's 7 feet tall.

I can't feel bad that some of our people seemed anxious. I wouldn't call it a choke though - it was a question of what can you expect? We have a new player to the team and a second-year player in our starting 5. I certainly can't fault them for not playing their best under those circumstances.

Of course, it would have been a great win. Watching Mark Cuban celebrating is not my idea of entertainment.
Go Blazers.

Seriously, Jack, "That might have been a little more of a step forward into the future than we were ready for??"

Should have put a few gals in the lineup too. It might have helped.

Jack, I don't think your daughters will be giving you any free lemonade at their stand this summer. But then you may not provide the jing for the goods. So there.

Ref's got too involved for Dallas late in the game. Not sure it would have changed the outcome, but 19 foul shots to 2 foul shots in the 4th quarter. What, Nowitsky made 13 in the 4th. But as to the Roy issue, while I hate to have to say this, I'd rather see Patty Mills out there doing his energizer bunny thing then Brandon at 3/4 speed all the time. Especially when Dallas puts in the pesky little guy Berrea. Would a healthy Brandon have caught up to that fast break pass from Wallace when we were threatening to go up by 8 ? They only need one win in Dallas, so hopefully Kidd will return to his 2011 form for the second game.

A healthy Brandon Roy wouldn't have just caught up with that pass. He would have been down-court waiting for the pass to catch up to him. Sad.

Anyone still under the impression pro basketball has more credibility than pro wrestling? They have toned it down a little bit - officiating wasn't as obvious as Portland vs Houston circa 2009.

The officiating in the 4th was a joke. 19 - 2?

And Brandon Roy and Andre Miller should not be on the floor at the same time. They just don't complement each other.

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