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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Brandon Roy, superhero

He just led the Blazers to what may have been their most improbable come-from-behind victory in their history. Down 23 points in the second half, and 18 in the fourth quarter, they beat the Dallas Mavericks to even their playoff series at two games apiece. Now it's a best-of-three-game series, and the scene shifts to Dallas for Game 5. What a miserable plane ride back to Texas the Mavericks are about to have. Let's hope the misery follows them into the next game. Go Blazers!

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Final score?

Streak shooter. Dallas in 6, unfortunately.

There is no way Dallas is going to win a Game 6 in Portland, my friend. That was conclusively proven today.

Jack, I'm loving your 'tude!! Don't give it up!! Thanks!

Yeah, well the city is still broke. And we're all going to grow old and die someday.

Probably one of the most exciting Blazer games ever.

Probably one of the most exciting Blazer games ever.

Would have been, but for this little spoiler. I gotta learn to stay away from the Internet while the game is still "in the can".

With a little more than three minutes left in the third quarter, the score was 61-41 - I'm thinking the Blazers are down twenty points, and it's take nearly three quarters to score twice that - there is no way they can even make the score respectable.

But the thing about this team, they keep playing, don't make excuses for the injuries, the lack of depth - sometimes they don't play very well (witness the 4th quarter scoreless stretches), but they keep at it.

It was apparent from the opening tip that the NBA TV demands did neither team any favors - 16-11 after one quarter? Both teams were shooting in the 25% range in the first quarter, both looked extremely sluggish.

And to add to Bill McDonald's theory of remarkableness, there was something, at least initially, about the comeback, that it seemed unremarkable. Just a made shot here, a stop or Maverick errant pass there - then everyone was focused - but just on the play at hand. Sometimes it seems teams that are trailing try to do too much all at once - like make the 20 point shot. And we got to witness the most amazing comeback in Trailblazers history.

I'm still exhausted - and, as Jason Quick pointed out today in the O, it's all for naught if they Blazers don't win this series.

Brandon said "I played on the edge today" That is how you win championships. Takes a lot of courage to play that way. To trust your shot & ball skillz to simply take it to the hoop at will and make things happen. A fairy tale ending to an ugly game.

I haven't heard much mention of this but all of Brandon Roy's heroics took place after a very nasty fall in the first half. Throw in the double knee surgeries this season and I'd say the perseverance is strong in this one.

As many of us probably noticed, for over 3 1/2 quarters very few drives, inside passes were made by Portland. Not until the last. Why is that, does Coach ever bring this up in the timeouts and insist it be done? If they don't, yank the players not helping to do so. You'll lose anyway if you don't go to the well occasionally, just to mix it up, especially when few Blazers aren't hitting the three pointers in a particular game.

In the history of the NBA, fourth-quarter comebacks happen all the time. Have you all forgetten that Portland was on the receiving end of a record-setting one from Utah just last year?


Two things happened last night--Roy got in a shooting rhythm, and Dallas didn't play good defense. here, I'll make a prediction: in the next game, Roy will have 14 points, 4 assists, and 2 rebounds. A decent game for a solid player. But the Blazers don't have the fire in their bellies or the consistency to maintain a high level of play over multiple games like this one.

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