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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Blue wins, then goes bi-partisan

An alert reader of our post of yesterday about phone book trash in Oregon points out that it shows the state Senate Transportation Committee to be evenly divided, with three Democrats and three Republicans. "Last time I checked," the reader observes, "the D's controlled the Senate."

We hadn't thought of that. Hmmmmm... the Oregon House is evenly divided, 30-30, but in the Senate, it's 16 votes for the Democrats and 14 votes for the Republicans. And yet the committees are set up for partisan gridlock? Another place where the Democrats give up power, apparently.

UPDATE, 4/4, 12:46 a.m.: Another reader sends along this compilation of the party breakdown of the other Senate standing committees. It appears that Revenue and Finance is the other one getting the tie-vote treatment -- with Ginny Burdick presiding. Bad news for the little working guy.

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Guess they take their lead from our Chief and Congress.

Re: telephone books, we have gotten book after book, but no new white pages.
Our white page book that states use through November 2008 is the last one we got. The front page is half torn.

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