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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Blazers fold

The Brandon Roy Game 4 miracle was the Blazers' finest moment -- but it was also the beginning of the end. Another lackluster game plan has sent them packing for the summer after a first-round exit. And with two more years of Coach Nate to look forward to, frankly there's no end of this in sight.

With that, it's time to start talking about "how well they did despite the injuries" and "if only Greg Oden were healthy." That will go on for another two years, too. Anyway, here's to the great moments that the Blazers gave us this year. They were wonderful, though not plentiful.

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They won 48. Plenty of good moments this season.

It's never felt quite right since Brandon came back. Although the Denver game and Game 4 were remarkable one-man shows, and the famous Batum lob was sweet, the team didn't come together. LaMarcus was way overworked, Nate is not fully behind Andre, and Wallace got here too late. Rudy needs to go back to Europe, and Batum surprisingly didn't do squat in the playoffs. It was the same as last year, with a few magic moments sprinkled around.

Also besides: lackluster. I think the grey-grain clouds and Seasonal Affect Disorder squished the spirit, on the court and in the seats.

I totally agree with you about Brandon. The Blazers played energetic team basketball while he was out for knee surgery and then immediately lost their free-wheeling, fun style of play when he returned. Brandon may still be a pretty good player, but he's a drag on this team.

I wasn't aware that Nate could shoot from outside, play defense and rebound. He must be really holding out on us because nobody else in a Blazer uniform seemed to have that ability.

Blazers got beat by the better team. Bottom line.

Other than hearing the newscasts, I don't follow sports at all. But even I noticed that when Brandon Roy was out, the team suddenly got all winny. Then he came back, and things started sliding. Of course, according to the headlines, he Led The Blazers To Victory in a recent game - but isn't that supposed to be his job?

Dirk Nowitzki is just too damned good.

After the first two games, Dallas took away the alley oop. After that, we looked completely lost trying to find an offensive identity. While we desperately flailed to find something consistent with the ball, we were equally clueless and out of place on defense.

That shouldn't happen on a playoff team at this point in the season. Nate's presence is like a slow, dull castration on these players...

I wanted to watch Steve Carell's last episode of The Office last night. Instead, the Portland NBC affiliate (KGW) preempted the episode to show a Blazers game!

Not cool. Not cool at all. If I wanted to watch the game, I would have been down at the Rose Garden...

A very ugly performance in the playoffs. Not watchable except for quarter.

I hate Nowitzki, and admit that he really is that good. His shots are amazing -- none should go in at all, but most get nothing but net.

The critical moment in this game was Aldridge's two missed free throws late in the 4th. Would have cut the Dallas lead to 2, but he missed them both. Then Dallas goes down to the other end and hits a shot, taking a 6 point lead. That's a big swing.

I'm hoping that Rich Cho, the Blazers GM, who is reportedly a smart guy, sees that the Blazers are, in fact, missing several key components if they are to be competitive in the play-offs.

They need a point guard - preferably a young one who could benefit under 'Dre for a year or two, then take over.

They need more bigs in the paint - LA is not a center, and it takes away from his game to put him there. And as ferocious a player as Gerald Wallace is (and the fans have really embraced him), he's only about 6' 7".

They need an outside shooter who can come in off the bench and just put daggers in the opposition, ala a Robert Horry, Derek Fisher at his best, even a Jason Terry.

They need to figure out what role Brandon Roy will have - does he adjust his game? Can he or will he make changes?

They have to figure out what role, if any, Greg Oden plays in the future. I think, especially if there is a lock-out for even part of the season, the time away does Greg some good. What is he, only 22 or 23? Let those bones do some more maturing.

Wesley Matthews and GW were great adds to the team - LA's work over last summer resulted in vast improvement in his game. Let's see similar improvements for next year's team.

It will be interesting to watch the how the Lakers make adjustments and slowly dissect the Mavericks. The Blazers didn't make any adjustments over the course of the series. They played the same, consistently unimpressive basketball all series. If it weren't for Dallas' historic collapse in Game 4, this series would have been a complete dud.

the Blazers are, in fact, missing several key components if they are to be competitive in the play-offs.

You can give Nate all the pieces and he still won't get it done.

I really liked when Nowitzki got taken down by his face.

I don't think the Blazers played a sufficiently hard-nosed playoff series. It's difficult to blame the coach for that.

Jack, you may well be right about Nate - but so long as there are obvious missing pieces, he has cover. Let's go get Dwight Howard and a point guard, and if it's another first round play-off exit, go get another coach.

My thoughts after last nights pathetic performance:

As long as Paul Allen owns the Blazers, we shouldn't get our hopes too high.

Nate's taken this team as far as he is going to but he deserves credit for making them a playoff team again.

Andre is tough and a great passer - from the top of the key but he doesn't penetrate and pass well and he's a terrible outside shooter. Pretty big deficiencies for a point guard in my opinion.

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