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Monday, April 18, 2011

Bad news from the robots

They sent robots into a couple of the three melted down Japanese nuclear reactors over the weekend, and they've confirmed what most people suspected: It's too radioactive inside the reactor buildings for human beings to enter. There's also too much debris inside Fukushima reactor no. 3 -- the one that had the plutonium-mix fuel in it and suffered the worst physical damage when it exploded -- for even robots to get around in there.

Some of the repairs that will be needed -- rebuilding the plants, essentially -- will require human presence. Robots are not capable of performing all of the functions that will be required.

Meanwhile, the tragic figures who run the plant -- honchos at a company that will probably be nationalized any day now -- are busy telling local evacuees that they might be back in their homes by the end of the year. What a cruel joke that is.

In other meltdown news, there's been a spike in radioactivity in a water tank in Fukushima reactor no. 2 -- the one of the four whose roof is still intact -- possibly from a problem in the spent fuel pool. There have been serious problems in the pool in no. 4 since the March 11 earthquake. No. 4 exploded out of range of cameras, and it's not known exactly what happened inside.

Comments (3)

Over at the Big O, the headline proudly proclaims that the robots were "Made in the U.S.A."!!!!

Isn't that great...

Yes, and General Electric built the reactors that melted down. That Yankee genius.

Thank you Jack for giving this tragedy the focus that it needs.

I wonder how the U.S. nuclear reactors would have fared if any one of the 100's of tornadoes that just ripped through the south and midwest, touched down on or near one of them. I would think Dirty Bomb!

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