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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Another photo of tsunami hitting nuke site

They've released some new photos of the Fukushima meltdown site, and among them is this angle on the wall of water jumping the inadequate seawall and surging into the reactor complex. It's hard to tell, but it looks like about 10 feet of water in the reactor buildings, and more in the turbine and emergency generator structures, which are closer to the ocean:

Along with yesterday's video, it's clear that there were a few cams going when the beginning of the end occurred.

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The most surprising thing that I have learned about the Japan earthquake and tsunami is that the earthquake itself actually lowered the elevation of the coastline. Seawalls that might have been adequate prior to the earthquake were rendered mostly useless, and the following tsunami was more destructive than it might have been.

looks like the plant didn't need to be too much higher.

I understand that the site as it originally existed was somewhere around 50 feet higher and was whittled down so the cooling pumps using seawater, wouldn't have to pump so high. The engineers most likely were looking only to draft the water, which allows for only about 12" elevation change. After that, you have to push the water up.

SWAG, anyway!

You can be sure ther is way more info and pictures that the public will never see.
After reading in today's NYT about how the Japanese mafia controls the contract labor this on going story get's more disgusting.

The problem with nuclear energy was never and is not a tusnami, assuming that almost all of the other plants are not located next to an ocean that has one.

The problem has always been nuclear waste. Essentially we started down a road to build nuclear power plants with no idea of what to do with the waste, and we still do not have any idea of what to do with it.

Here's the situation in England. Soon to be in the U. S.


What you mean we aren't being given the real scoop about the radioactive poop?

I can't believe that- why would the globalists lie to us?

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