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Thursday, April 14, 2011

And now, a word from a straight guy

We got another mailer promoting gay marriage yesterday:

That's two in less than a week. It appears that a long public relations campaign is under way, with a ballot measure down the road somewhere.

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Informational ads have also been running on local TV stations, a vote is forthcoming you can be assured

You can put it along with the phone books, comm college catalogs, Saltzman and PPS mailers into the recycle.

You can alter the meaning of a term, in this case marriage. But, can you control the new definition?

I have absolute confidence that polygamous marriage will be recognized in this decade. A world of possibility is opening for us.

Marriage is an ambiguous term. Glad to see the insistence on clarification as indicated by the repeated ballot measures.

I wonder if any of 'bama's stimulus $ made it to this group....

You can alter the meaning of a term, in this case marriage. But, can you control the new definition? I have absolute confidence that polygamous marriage will be recognized in this decade. A world of possibility is opening for us.

Well, if we allow governments to ONLY sanction the contractual aspects of civil unions for taxes, joint ownerships, medical decisions, etc., and limit this union to two persons, woudn't that work for all?

If a religious sanctioned marriage is desired beyond the civil union, that would be up to the individuals.

This campaign conveys an infantile understanding of marriage.

I have absolute confidence that polygamous marriage will be recognized in this decade. A world of possibility is opening for us.

You must have a more open situation in your marriage than me, LL.

I was being dry not wet.

I really hope that the gay community will gain complete equal rights esp. including the right to legal, civil marriage-and the sooner the better!

Because once this finally happens then we’ll see a proliferation of very tastefully done TV ads and mailers addressing the other(though admittedly, far less important)issues and concerns we have like:income disparity, poverty, the permanent underclass, the shrinking middle class, lack of jobs, soaring living costs,high college tuition costs and debt, skyrocketing health care and insurance costs-all amid an obscenely large prison population.

Can’t wait!

Yes Geoffrey - why can't they just wait for equality under the law until all those other issues have been dealt with. I mean, honestly, they've been discriminated against for thousands of years, whats another decade or two? They should be ashamed of themselves for being so selfish.

I wish ideas could be exchanged here without all the sniping. On the other hand, it does frequently give us an opportunity to practice turning the other cheek. I have been pulling out the other cheek for the annoyers and dullards all week.

I grew up in the most Catholic country in the world, Spain, where all the old ladies wore black, and could frequently be seen muttering prayers and clutching rosaries.

In Spain, civil unions are recognized, and the procedure is as simple as two people going down to city hall and registering as partners, with forms and signatures. Voila, like when you register your car here at the DMV. Done, easy, noone cares. The more constrained people get decked out in flounces and trains and ties and watch a frocked official dispense ceremony in a church. Let them, noone cares..

What is so wrong with our country, that Spain can figure this out and we can't?

Oh, and to be more precise, Spain USED to have civil union registries. After that went on for about five years, a same-sex marriage law was passed in 2005.

Progress is a beautiful thing, as are its midwives.

It better not be taxpayer money financing this abomination! Someone please find out for us. If it is then I want equal treatment, I want to marry my lamp and my neighbors dog. So I want to be able to spend your hard earned money on my fetish. I also want to force the government to legislate my odd ball lifestyle and force everybody else to teach their children in kindergarten about my lifestyle and how wonderful it is. My best friends brothers ex husband is a pedophile and well you know who he wants to marry.

Well. That's certainly an impassioned opinion. I think the eventual idea is to allow two people to marry regardless of their sex.

I suppose one could argue that any change to the tradition as it stands might invite further changes. Lamposts, dogs,and children will probably not be up for grabs.

Polygamy is a different question. I read somewhere that Canada is in the process of examinining the question of whether or not polygamy is compatible with their constitution. Shudder.

Oh, happy day, on the day after the French burka ban went into effect this past Monday, I passed an enormous red tundra truck bursting with building materials, being driven by someone in a full black face veil. Who, FYI, looked distinctly masculine in shape. I dutifully reported the license plate number and my concern to the online FBI tip hotline, expecting them to do, exactly, nothing...

I'm waiting for the first bank robbery or hit-and-run by a tightly disguised religionist, to grace our news cycle. Say what you want about the current Supreme court, but I doubt it will let burkas be protected as a religious practice, considering that Al Azhar's religious leaders have declared them non-obligatory and even, gosh, non-desirable, from their religious perspective.

I think homosexuals should be just as miserable as the rest of the wedded world.

I do wish the public schools were less pushy on the "moral equivalency" issues (not just gay rights). Morality isn't dictated by the government: it's not something we can all agree on.

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