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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

All loos are not created equal

Here's a funny one from Portland's mayor. He's such an expert on crime -- when he's not committing one. As part of his proposed revitalization of drug- and prostitution-free zones (which were shut down as racist a while back), he's got this plan:

To cut down on illegal activity, Adams said he asked Portland Parks & Recreation to not reopen two public restroom facilities on West Burnside and Southwest Ankeny this summer. He also said the city would be looking at partnering with TriMet to look at adding more security at the transit mall in Old Town, including playing music and installing video cameras.
This is hysterical. The city opens its "Portland Loos" amid all sorts of fanfare, then admits that public restrooms breed crime and closes other public toilets nearby. These people need Ritalin, or something.

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I had a major WTF moment reading that story. So it's better to congregate at the loos, use the street, or move up to a park where the restrooms are open? (The 3 year old and I watched a bust at the restrooms at Couch Park last week.)

Sigh. I love living downtown, but this makes me crazy.

I have never understood when law enforcement complains of a place that attracts a lot of the criminals that they need to arrest and put into the criminal justice system. Instead of all the shenanigans they like to play, stings and undercover watching strippers. Just watch say the loos, and when a two people go in...

These fat desk jockeys can simply surf craig's list and order up underage companions (easer then say... being the mayor)and look for the transportation (hint hint... THE PIMP)and arrest him.

More often LE want the bars shut down, Craigs list made tricker... Why doesn't Sam shut down those streets the hookers and drug dealers are on and say.. city hall men's room?

Or the street folks use the few remaining planters next to businesses.
So lovely...but geeze...people have to "go" someplace.
Portland is one of the few places in the world I have visited, including places in Africa, that has no public toilets.

Good catch. I noticed that too. I also liked Anna Griffin's statement about Leonard not needing to run for Mayor, because he's built his own "mini-city" in the Water Bureau.

Adams, however, is carefully doing a bunch of make-nice efforts like this in anticipation of a re-election bid. Watch closely.

I still don't understand why the city can't set up a multiple stall facility a couple of places downtown on the ground floor of a building it owns, and pay someone minimum wage (plus whatever tips they can generate) to monitor, clean and stock them.

This would provide a service to the community, give some folks jobs and eliminate the "screw around" factor in the restrooms. Hey, Randy could pay the salaries out of the Water Bureau funds; they could be part time/little or no benefits or it could be contracted out to a janitorial or security service. I'm sure the City already has one or two on retainer.

They could close during late night and early morning hours and the single seat loos could operate as overnight pit stops.

It seemed like the height of insanity to me that a single seater loo at Jamieson Park is lauded as a success when there are all sorts of parents and kids there who would welcome a place where more than one could change into a bathing suit, use the potty or be changed in community with other parents and kids. A one seater is only good for single use and drug deals.

Just my opinion.

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