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Sunday, April 24, 2011

A souvenir from downtown Portland

If you don't get a parking ticket (even on Sunday), maybe you'll be lucky enough to score one of these, spotted the other day under a windshield wiper blade on a car near NW Eighth and Glisan:

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Haha that's a great one.

But I thought it was reported that the mayor was cleaning up old town.

Right now he's busy getting rid of gang violence -- it's "preventable," you know.

I keep forgetting: is Sam playing the "Education Mayor", the "Stop Violence Mayor", or the "Economic Recovery Mayor" this week?

Absolutely classic. If enough people point out that the emperor has no clothes, eventually it will sink in for the majority.

I hope they keep posting these flyers until the Oregonian finally reports on it. But with the O, that might take a year.

Looks like it meets the requirements for "truth in advertising"

Did you call the number?
If so, did the divisive, alleged mayor Adams answer?
If so, did he ask: "How did you get this number?"

The "O" is holding it's coverage on this flier. The weekly hand out from the mayor's office hasn't yet arrived.

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