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Thursday, April 28, 2011

A little quake in Yamhill County

They just had a middle-of-the-night 1.9 temblor down near McMinnville and Sheridan.

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This is going to be a very odd year in the vineyards. Bud break is already en retard.

I heard that there were 5,000 fatalities. A row of wine grapes fell over crushing the poor little grapelings, which will have an estimated ecconomic impact of about $500 in lost wine revenues. Governor Kitzhaber is immediately declaring all of Yamhill County a disaster area and is mobilizing National Guard troops.

Meanwhile, Mayor Sam Adams (of Portland) is suing the State of Oregon for providing support to the ex-urban area of Yamhill County, but pledges to rescind the lawsuit if Yamhill County agrees to join Metro, and build a Portland Streetcar line to McMinnville.

Maybe Ma Nature is just warming up, throwing a few pitches to get the old fault line warmed up, before the big game!

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