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Friday, April 29, 2011

A Jail Blazer advances

It's the second demoralizing night in a row for Blazer fans, as ex-Portland thug Zach Randolph has carried his Memphis team to a stunning playoff series upset of the top-seeded Spurs. On Sunday, he'll play against Portland's even bigger nightmare, Kevin Durant, in the second round of the playoffs. Congrats to Grizzlies coach and former Portland great Lionel Hollins, who did a better job with his team than you-know-who did.

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Bring back Zach!

Kind of sad that OKC & Memphis have passed us by. Same thing next year without some major changes.

Wait 'til Aldridge's body starts to give out. Could be next year.

Could be next year? Seriously?

Zach was impressive. Nice to see that he even passes the ball now--that makes him much more dangerous.

Maybe he's grown up some as well. One can only hope.

Still wouldn't want him (or the Hoops Family) on our team, or in our town...

"Could be next year?"

Find me another big guy that has played this many minutes in a season in recent history.

I enjoy watching the Blazers so I won't bash the organization. They seem well run for the market size. All in all they are an average team with some really entertaining players. They are not big market, and won't be anytime soon. They exist so that we have a chance here to see the real stars when they come to town and play. That's the way it has been for over 30 years, so try not to let this early exit from the playoffs give you any more gas than in past years.

The Sporting News said it best:

The Blazers "have a nice little team that should keep their fans happy by making the playoffs most years. But don't think of them as a contender."

If you think of pro basketball (and all sports, for that matter) as entertainment, that should be enough.

Zach always plays better when his contract is up for renewal.

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