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Sunday, March 6, 2011

You could be a contender

From ample experience with various games on this site, we know that many of our readers enjoy competing in predicting the outcomes of sporting events. With the college basketball "March Madness" business almost upon us, no doubt some readers are searching for good outlets for their sports knowledge.

May we suggest Jake's pick 'em contest over at UtterlyBoring.com? Real prizes, some of them Bend-centric but many not, and best of all, there's no admission charge to play. Limit: one card to a player, though, so pick carefully. Get signed up now; the teams and matchups will be announced this coming Sunday.

Comments (2)

"Batteries not included."

Trust me, I didn't want all those disclaimers on my pick 'em, but all it took was one jackass threatening lawsuit because he didn't get his $2 prize for me throw it all in there.

If anybody has a prize they want to throw in to make it more Portland-centric, I'm all ears :-)

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