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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Would you want your high school graduation to be a Presidential speech?

Apparently not many high schools do. It certainly would involve a lot of rigmarole, and take the spotlight off the graduating class. We'd hold out for a lower-A-list celebrity -- Jon Stewart, maybe, or Serena Williams.

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Not to mention the setup of several teleprompters...

Charlie Sheen may be available.

It's no big deal really and does mess up traffic huge. My local schools Obama stops by whenever he is hankering for a photo op, latest being yesterday.


Considering that students today more readily identify with Snooky, rather than President Obama, I do not find this surprising. It's just a matter of time folks.


I was just going to suggest that.

First, I dispise the man, I recoiled from him while he was running for office and almost had a heart attack when he was finally elected. Now that that is said, the real question is, why would ANY president speak at a HIGH SCHOOL graduation? College, sure, afterall, they've drank the kool-aid long and hard, but a high school?

Granted Obama is doing a pathetic job as a president but even HE should be able to find SOMETHING more important (in his position) than speak at a high school. But again, the man feels any slight cast his way and when he can't find some, he makes them up. 2012 can't come soon enough.

Maybe it's because all of these high schools are so busy instilling "environmental values" that these students are getting the hypocrisy of having a President show up after flying cross-country on a four-engined Boeing 747-200 jet, with "Air Force Two" on stand-by, the fleet of SAM 757s and C-17s, and the motorcade of 20 plus cars, all just to give a 20 minute speech and fly back home to Washington, D.C.

My GOD but I love to listen to the whining about presidential travel costs and such, I think about how often those same people said those same things about the Boy King and his big adventures in Uncle Dick and Uncle Rummy's big White Playhouse, where you got to use actual USN aircraft carriers for your photo ops with your big ol' codpiece and your pretend-you're still in the Texas Air National Guard, defending Lubbock from the commie hordes special flight suit.

Oh, that's right, none of these people say boo, because IOKIYAAR,as always. (It's ok if you are a Republican, the guiding principle of Larry Craig and so many others in the party that would make Lincoln weep.)

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