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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Wipe out

Use your mouse to simulate the tsunami, eradicating big chunks of the east coast of Japan.

Comments (5)

That's truly shocking. It looks like the damage from an F5, "Finger of God" tornado - only over so much more land.

I can't get over how black the mud was -- a hand of death.

They're talking way over 10,000 dead now, and that's without the nukes. Some day our place is going to have one of these. We'll need prayers then, and so I guess we should offer some for these people now.

Did you see that they found some guy floating, alive, on the roof of his house -- nine miles out to sea? Beyond words.

I'm afraid the unusual stories of survival are going to be way down this time. The post-earthquake shots usually show frantic relatives digging, etc...Many of these shots were scrubbed free of human life.
As far as those unusual death-defying stories, nothing will beat after the 2004 tsunamis when a woman said she saved herself and her twins at sea by holding onto an extremely long python that was reportedly as long as a telephone pole.

Strongly prefer the before.

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