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Thursday, March 3, 2011

This just in from Iran

Oregon's crooked prison food guy, on the lam in Iran, says he wants a deal to come back and turn himself in. Negotiating with prosecutors from overseas, through the media, by e-mail? Fascinating.

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Life in Iran is harder than he thought....sounds like the best sentence for him and the taxpayers are not paying for his room and board.

I would love to by a fly on the wall of his prison cell when he explains to his fellow inmates that he is doing time because he was a prison administrator who bought rotten meat for prisoners and pocketed the difference. Somehow I think he's going to stay in Iran for the duration.

Maybe Sam should take notes on the process.

Actually, I think this is a great case of overzealous prosecution of a low-grade crime that is likely victimless. The best kind of justice here would be to demand repayment of all his ill-gotten gains and invest the proceeds directly into community rec center funds or whatever.

Heaven forbid I would want a PENNY of my tax dollars spent on locking this guy up.
Let him stay in Iran, that would be punishment many, many times over.

A lot of money has been wasted chasing this guy. And a little bit of bribery is not o.k. I hope Dwight and the boys continue to play major hardball.

I admire his Queen of Hearts logic: if the prosecutor could be more reasonable, Fred would turn himself in...

Never mind that "flight to avoid prosecution" is a crime, never mind that he received a handsome salary/pension/benefits for his work, never mind the fact he abandoned his wife and family.

Come to think of it, it's more Goldyesque than Queen of Hearts.

....a low-grade crime that is likely victimless

The captive audience that had to subsist on these foods that wouldn't pass muster?

The taxpayers who overpaid?

I loved his quote: "I always did my job right. I just take some of their profit" for buying "distressed" food for the prison.

He must've gone to the same ethical reasoning class as a lot of our local pols

I have to wonder...

What this guy did was wrong, sure.

But what about all of the other bureaucrats - much higher level than this mid-level manager - that recklessly spend billions of dollars on projects like light rail, WES, the Convention Center, the Convention Center Hotel, the Aerial Tram, the Port of Portland Office Building, OHSU, anything the PDC touches...and how do they get a free pass for having no accountability for their actions which have had a far, far worse impact to the average citizen?

And they are probably taking kickbacks and bribes from all the developers who benefit from these projects but nobody is saying a thing. The citizens sure aren't benefitting from all these feel-good projects, but we get to pay for them.

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