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Thursday, March 17, 2011

They never give up

The newspaper folks still think they're going to get you to pay for content. Good luck with that.

Maybe the Times should hold a weekly bake sale.

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Didn't the NYT try this before and then abandoned it?

Note to self; 19 articles per mo. NYT

I understand the need to replace declining print revenue but the best way to do it online is in VERY small amounts from the largest possible number of readers. $15 a month is about $10 too much.


When I hit the pay wall I just Google a sentence in the teaser and usually find 3-4 copies out there. Just avoid the sites that just list the teaser and direct you to the main site.

When NYT did this before, I got into a many-emails 'debate' with Frank Rich about it. I said the prospect was a loser; Frank said Times employees were powerless to change it. Earlier this month Frank left the Times to write for New York Magazine.

NYT could profit, prosper, and retain 'premier' (paper-of-record) status by doing the right things -- "comfort the afflicted, afflict the comfortable," retain its once-respected (inter)national bureaus and excellent reporters, investigate and interpret world events and affairs, and publish truth and facts as are known, found, and 'leaked'. Be meritorious. Maintain the high and decent standard required and deserving of credibility.

But nooooooo.

Veritas lost to venal. The post-War (WW II) creation of Allen Dulles's CIA-tentacled 'intelligence community' monstrosity of information abomination did, by Black Budget persistence of perennial taxpayer proceeds, corrupt our Constituted 'free press' and did force false report(ing)s through collusion, extortion, coercion, and indeed cold-blooded point-blank murders, (of CIA dissenters and whistle-blowers and expose' producers), inside the Fourth Estate (the Press) including NYT-specific incidents. See: Operation MOCKINGBIRD -- "the CIA began a systematic infiltration of the corporate media".

Now Ruppert Murdoch has launched The Daily, a virtual 'newspaper' financed by a 99-cents-a-month lease fee confused into and collected from video cellphone bills for the App used to download Murdoch's sensational tabloid LIES. And the NYT is sooooo envious.

Murdoch bragged in interviews for The Daily's roll-out announcement that "nobody will notice a 99-cent charge on their credit cards." Actually, if it is bundled in the cellphone service carrier's 'bulk fee' billing, (not broken out in a separate line-item charge), nobody will even see it -- the FOX News tax for false facts -- nevermind undo it.

For its decades-long dealing with the Devil, Great Deceiver, the NYT now inherits the wind. Pay that paper your farts, not farthings.

The Dallas Morning News already did this about a month ago, where the first article is free and you're expected to sign up for a subscription to read anything else that day. That might have worked, too, if the "Boring Snooze"'s parent company hadn't laid off everyone even remotely worth reading. No science reporters and three photographers, but a lot of useless film critics and society columnists. Oh, and a flotilla of business reporters to give our local businesses the same rim jobs Mayor Creepy gives to similar money sucks in Portland.

It's the same deal with the Times. Thirteen years ago, my ex subscribed for Sunday delivery, and we were hounded for years to sign up for the whole week. I kept trying to explain that I couldn't justify paying for the whole week when Sunday was the only day I'd have a chance to get caught up. I think the Times is going to discover that maybe 20 articles a month are worth reading for most customers, and that the endless hipster pandering won't qualify.

Did the NYT forget about library subscriptions? I don't know about other counties, but Clackamas has the NY Times online. The online paper is a day or two later than orig. publication, but it's free with a library card.

It's all about content folks. The Wall Street Journal's online site has required a paid subscription for several years now to get more than a brief summary of most of their articles. And they don't lack for subscribers. Of course, lots of people actually want to read this content. I can't always say the same for the NY Times. Their finance and business pages are first rate, but frankly other parts of their paper are best used for cage liner...

Geez, at least I'll still be able to read the travel articles, the only thing really worth reading. All else is just the Slimes' brand of lefty propoganda, and worth, as Dave noted, using as cage liner.

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