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Monday, March 14, 2011

The worst may be happening in Fukushima

This report states that all of the cooling water is gone from Fukushima reactor No. 2, and the seawater pumping has failed. If it's true, we are likely about to witness something of great horror.

UPDATE, 5:12 a.m.: The latest word is that the seawater may be working again, but there was a period of full exposure of the rods.

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Okay, so where is all the water going?

My understanding is that the explosion at #3 knocked through the wall and destroyed the cooling system of #2. That exposed the rods there. Pumping sea water is misleading in that it implies the cold water before is being replaced in a cooling system. It isn't. The sea water doesn't flow in and out taking away heat. You just fill up the reactor directly with the sea water and that turns to steam. That's how it leaves presumably carrying radioactive material with it. The sea water move was described as pumping a liquid into a hot balloon.
Since the heat is not being removed by a constant flow of new cold sea water, the process of cooling this could take 3 months - unless of course the damn thing goes the other way, and melts down.
If enough of it forms a blob it could reach a tipping point where it just gets warmer.
That's my take on the dynamics at work here.
Of course, I have only a rudimentary understanding of this. I refer all questions to our self-appointed expert Jim Karlock who is the only one here who can relate to the density of uranium on a very personal level.

Downtown PDX is sold out of Kelp, and all Potassium Iodide supplements.

It appears you're a thought leader, Jack.

Good explanation of what's likely happening:


(Now's the time to go short on iodine futures)

Could be us with an earthquake, volcano, or second term tomorrow.

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