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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Short timers

Two in one day -- Karol and Zari are both bailing.

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"Karol has done great work for Multnomah County on issues such as sustainability,"

Yeah sure. I'd like to see that work product.

The bar for "great work" could not be lower than it is in Multnomah County.

BTW Cogen gave $2500 to the Portland PAC running the yes campaign for the Clackamas County vehicle registration fee/Sellwood bridge/Milwaukie Light Rail election in May.

Understandable considering there will soon be no money left to play with. I expect to see a lot more of this, life is no fun when you can't spend the people's money and have to explain service reductions.

Maybe Jack's call to monitor the work ethics of government employees has them worried. Citizens have had enough. Now, will they ever elect pols that changes the typical operandi of government and having some ethics, and even step down when discovered of ethic, moral, and legal breaches.

RE: Zari: With the legislature threatening to make major changes to PERS it looks like there will be record retirements from public jobs this year before any changes can affect their retirements. That may may be the reason for Zari to bail. 30 years is too long to work for one employer only to have them cut your pension just before you retire.

"life is no fun when you can't spend the people's money and have to explain service reductions" while a bunch of flacks hang out in do nothing staff jobs masquerading as experts at something.

The money grubbing and conniving is percolating.

Just, please, don't let them become investment advisors.


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