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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Radioactive seaweed reaches British Columbia

But don't worry -- it can't hurt anything.

Oh, and there's now plutonium on the ground outside the Fukushima reactors -- but hey, some of it came from nuclear weapons testing many years ago. Nothing to be concerned about. Go on about your business.

They still have no idea how they are going to bring this accident under control. They have to douse the reactors with water constantly to prevent a catastrophe, but that creates the highly radioactive water that is pouring out of the reactors and making it impossible to get close enough to do anything else. They're talking about draining it all into storage tanks somehow, but who are they kidding? No one can get within a few feet of this water for more than a matter of minutes without killing themselves. Eventually, they're going to have to just drain the bad water into the ocean and keep dousing while they try to think of something else to do.

But hey, who are we to ask questions? Let the nuclear experts take care of this. A nice private utility company controls the ecological future of our corner of the planet. They can be trusted. And so can the government. Eat, drink, and breathe all you want. Take off your tin foil helmet and forget about it.

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Dang it Jack! You have perfect timing.
Just as I finished my morning coffee, my retired neighbor is over here fitting me for my foil beret (I'm French) Millie is useing HEAVY GAUGE foil, as one can't be to cautious in these troubled times!

The pro-nuclear forces I've read here sound like a mixture of programmed zombies and dysfunctional kids. The programmed zombie part is marching along in a stupor saying, "Must love radiation. Must love radiation."

The dysfunctional kid part is the one with the displaced anger. They're not disappointed in the nuclear industry for storing spent fuel rods right outside a containment vessel. No, Mom and Dad are having a meltdown but it's their greenie siblings they're mad at.

Most pathetic of all is the religious allegiance to corporations. One commenter asked me how much of my income I got from corporations. Hey, just because I want to get paid, doesn't mean I want corporations running the government.

Snap out of it, kids. Wake up! Nap time is over.

A new marketing slogan for this industry:

"Nuclear power - too smart by one half."

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