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Friday, March 11, 2011

Prepare for meltdown

Things at the nuclear facilities in Fukushima, Japan are still going downhill.

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The stories mention that the cooling system has lost electric power to operate but it's possible that the cooling system is too damaged to work even with power. That would be bad. We are witnessing a true drama more suspenseful than any Hollywood movie. Godzilla was a minor inconvenience compared to this beast.

Stewart Brand was just in town earlier this week to spread the word that nuclear power is safe.

Crap. And here I thought the only nuclear meltdown in the news was the one going on in Charlie Sheen's life.

I'm feeling quite glad that PGE had to close that stinker up on the Columbia River.

modern nuclear power is safe... those reactors are 40 or more years old

Trojan is still "hot", I think. Not all of the bad stuff is gone to Hanford yet. But if Hanford goes we are all dead, so it hardly matters.
I doubt if anyone will ever convince me that nuke power is "safe".

Relying on coal to generate electricity isn't without risk, but it tends to be non point specific.

The "enviros" are against hydro, nuclear, coal, natural gas, and oil. What's left?

Solar and wind aren't going to help heat your Oregon home in January, on a windless night.

Nuclear is the last thing the enviros will accept. And they're about to be proven right.

Get your potassium iodine for the kids.

Sooner than later.

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