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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Portland mayoral race is on; WW endorses Saltzman

Observers of the nervous breakdown known as Portland City Hall are wondering what to make of the latest news from that quarter -- that the mayor has reshuffled a couple of bureau assignments among the other city commissioners. "Legend" Dan Saltzman picks up the permit bureau and the cable TV bureau from Admiral Randy and Nurse Amanda, respectively.

The mayor's explanation of his reasons for the changes comes, like everything he says, with a presumption of falsity:

"First, there is additional work required of City Commissioner Randy Leonard to implement the $72 million fire and public safety technology bond, which he championed and voters approved last November. His tenure as Commissioner-in-Charge of Bureau of Development Services has been marked by historic service and efficiency improvements.

"Second, Commissioner Amanda Fritz has completed reforms of the Office of Cable and Franchise Management that have improved the office's effectiveness, and significantly increased revenues to the City. Also, Commissioner Fritz has agreed to take on a significant new assignment. Portland's Equity Initiative will engage City government and community in changing the way the City does business, to better align with Portlander's values of increased opportunity for all. This will require extra efforts, working with our community to shape policies and implement the resulting work plan.

"Finally, Commissioner Dan Saltzman has stated his willingness to take on more work assignments. The assignment of the Bureau of Development Services is a very important and challenging assignment. Recently, BDS has taken the deepest budget cuts in the city while working to automate its services. And the Office of Cable and Franchise Management is a key regulatory platform to upgrade the technology available to our residents and businesses. I appreciate Commissioner Saltzman taking on these new assignments."

Along with the moving out of several of the mayor's staff people into city bureaus, he's obviously up to something. And the best explanation seems to be that he's getting ready to run for re-election, and probably setting Leonard and Fritz up to do the same. The primary election, at which city races is often decided, is 14 months away, and the dialing for dollars has already begun.

Meanwhile, the city's crusading (sometimes) alternative newspaper, Willamette Week, took the occasion of the shuffle to heap praise on Saltzman, their fair-haired West Hills prince. They reprinted their endorsement of him from two years ago, suggesting that Leonard is leaving the development services bureau as one of the "disasters" that Saltzman is often called upon to mop up.

It's clear that WW wants Saltzman to run for mayor, and if he does, he will get their backing. We can see their point. A normal person who spends decades studiously keeping his head down is probably a better leader than a person with deep personal problems.

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WW is driving fast down the Saltzman road..

Wonder what kind of ad revenue they get from his clan.

So the insiders are getting ready for the election similar to a theater getting ready for the next season. The cast of characters are being arranged for this or that role.

The public will likely be the audience to the re-arrangement of deck chairs on the Titanic?

A normal person who spends decades studiously keeping his head down is probably a better leader than a person with deep personal problems.

Saltzman has deep personal pockets.

I'm good with our fair city trying out a term of two of government by the rich. Government by the perenially needy hasn't done us any favors.

A Jewish guy with name recognition, money, serious amounts of discretion, and a generously constructed forehead will be welcomed, considering Portland's most recent, and disastrous, foray into mayoral elections, where somehow we managed to land an incompetent,insolvent,intemperate, insufferable,insincere....idiot, in the mayor's seat.

Gaye: What exactly does Saltzman being "A Jewish guy" have to do with it?

generously constructed forehead

I think that is commonly referred to as a fivehead.

Mayor Saltzman would be a huge upgrade from the totally self-absorbed fool Portland currently is stuck with.

There are fools of different flavors, however the "flavor of foolish" that keeps these retreads in office has cast a very bitter taste and sick pallor over our city.

"What exactly does Saltzman being 'A Jewish guy' have to do with it?"


One of my old partners used to call it "hoopster." But please, let's not go all ethnic here. It has nothing to do with anything.

Saltzman, at least, won't likely be prone to pawing 17-year-olds in the City Hall men's room. But he's stuck around for so long not because he's good, but because he tries very, very hard not to take risks or take strong positions on controversial issues. He'd get badgered to death by Randy the Petulant Ram, Amanda the Placeholder, and Nick "I want to be mayor soon" Fish.

Saltzman, at least, won't likely be prone to pawing 17-year-olds in the City Hall men's room.

No, but is he still dating strippers?
Quite a crew you've got to pick from there in Portland. Sorry for your luck.

The Other White Meat is out, and Pork: Be Inspired is in.


I fear the approaching trainwreck.

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