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Friday, March 25, 2011

Portland is a small town

Even the local media get into the act: One hand washes the other.

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I was hoping someone else would notice this. Maybe the O will finally send his preachy, patronizing column somewhere else...

He has a strong and loyal following within his industry. Outside....not much.

Since the downturn of printed media and the economy in general, has the O accepted monetary 'assistance' from City Hall?

Misery loves company.

What's amazing is how blatant it is. The very day Canzano's column appears, Portland Meadows gives his foundation 10 grand. The very day!

What an annoying name for a supposedly good cause/foundation. And, I'm no feminist per se, but Anna Song should never have changed her name. Song vs Canzano? No contest. However, to give them props, they are taking their minor local celebrity and trying to do some good with it, just saying.

Yuck... I feel like I need a shower...

I'm trying to figure out hwo someone annoying like him snagged Anna Song, much less read his column.

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