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Monday, March 21, 2011

On the flack track

Former Portland mayoral spokesman Roy Kaufmann has his second new job in three weeks, this time outside city government.

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Please someone give me hope! I don't even want to follow the sleeze anymore.

Another confirmation that Kaufmann was looking really hard for a new job. Wonder why?

This is why I only mail two resumes at a time.

Tell me something about which I should give a rip!

Another way of reading this is that Adams has lost as many Spokespeople in as many years.

Kaufmann most likely got this job offer a month ago and to save face Adams moved him out of his role in the Mayors office to one in the city.

Now it only looks like him leaving the city... but the real question is, why was he applying for and interviewing for jobs while in the Mayors office?

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