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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

He got Wu-zy

More dirt on Rep. David Wu: He had a little car crash last year. Allegedly gave a phony address to the police. The woman whose car he totaled says he smelled boozy. He admitted to drinking. The cops gave him a field sobriety test, which they say he passed, and they let him go.

The story is troubling, and it raises a burning question:

If you had to let one of them drive you somewhere, whose car would you get into?
David Wu
Sam Adams
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Comments (18)

Can you please provide more detail as to why I might "Have To" make such a choice?

There must be a Public Transit option available?

Strongest incentive yet to ride a bike.

How about "none of the above".
I would rather walk.

Reminds me of The Far Side cartoon of a dweeb looking at two doors -- one marked "Damned if you do" the other "Damned if you don't" -- while a visibly bored Devil is leaning on his pitchfork saying, "C'mon, c'mon, just pick one."

A sobering question.

No thank you, I'm walking.

I'd have to choose Wu in the hopes he would at least keep his pants up.

This is one instance in which the best answer truly is "Go by streetcar."

The only difference is if you go with Wu you're involved in a head-on, while with Adams it's a rear-ender.

Is anyone really shocked that cops let pols off? There is a former US senator for Oregon whose wife was involved in a serious accident while he was a US senator. I am told she was roaring drunk and PPS covered it up very nicely. It seems a bit of quid pro quo. The cops don't have to be accountable because they don't hold pols accountable.

So Wu gets a pass on a car wreck.

What if he causes a train wreck?

Sam Adams.

He looks like he'd put up less of a fight when I finally kick him out of the car and drive myself. (Although, I'm not sure I want to be sitting in the same seat he was previously sitting in...)

David Wu has been known to fight back. Just look at his college record. (Not the academic one.)

God forbid if Wu was driving in a Bike Lane and hit a Bicyclist.

LucsAdvo, the cover up was a media thing, not a cop thing.

Both are bad choices. I would call a cab and wait rather that be in a vehicle with either one..

I voted Woo as it seemed that he would be driving with his pants zipped up.

"I'd have to choose Wu"

I agree, I'd love to hear him say "We're doing Warp 42 Captain, I dunno the reactors can take much more"

Then again maybe not.

Well, he's already gotten away with imposing himself forcibly upon a woman during his college days, according to a report that the press hush-hushed during his first campaign...what's a little drunk driving? Just keeping up with the Kennedys!

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