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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Mission creep to the nth degree

This is classic -- the federal agency running the TARP program has its own police force, with guns, sirens, police cars, the whole works. What do they need all that for? You'd think they were running a water bureau.

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Funny story about TARP: Neel Kashkari, who headed TARP at Treasury, admitted the seizure and sale of WaMu in September 2008 was "a mistake":

Perhaps TARP managers are fearful those who have paid the price for the FDIC's "mistake" will prove demonstrative.

If they're wanting to look and act like real police, maybe they could also start making arrests and bringing real justice to those perps who instigated this mess.

About 29 arrests post-TARP. Zero for pre-TARP.

I want to know do they have special pocket protectors for their pens and pencils? Just what we need nerdy cops. "Put down the calculator and assume the position."

Sadly they just couldn't have some FBI types or Secret Service people assigned to the agency. And where do they train?

"It’s a law enforcement agency with an expiration date, though — by law, the agency expires as soon as all taxpayer dollars under TARP have been repaid, although that could be years from now."

Whaddya wanna bet they find some reason to stick around? I've never seen an agency go off peacefully into the sunset once it was up and running.

This is a new one to me, but scores of federal agencies in D.C. have their own police departments:

National Institute of Standards and Technology
Pentagon Police
Defense Logistics Agency
National Security Agency
Defense Intelligence Agency
National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency
National Institutes of Health
Federal Protective Service (the FPS has a branch here in Portland)
United States Park Police
FBI Police (Yes, the nation's leading law enforcement agency has its own police department!)
Bureau of Engraving and Printing (although it falls in the same agency as the Secret Service who has overlapping duties, it is distinct from the Secret Service)
the Secret Service
U.S. Mint Police
The Library of Congress Police
The Senate and House Sergeant at Arms
U.S. Capitol Police
Government Printing Office Police
Supreme Court Police
Amtrak Police (Amtrak has a police officer stationed in Seattle who also maintains an office in Portland)
Federal Reserve Police
Smithsonian Police, as well as the National Zoo Police
U.S. Postal Police

And, many of these agencies have quite duplicative functions, especially Park Police.

True enough -- as Erik points out -- the DC area is absolutely saturated with agency specific "law enforcement" types and plain old security guards. The latter all trying to join the ranks of the former -- why? To go after the really bad guys? Nahhhhh. To get the most beneficial pension and benefit packages available to mankind. Carry a gun and badge -- retire at 50, get up to 90% final pay, health care, blah blah.

Only a small part of the picture in the DC-VA-MD region, the only really stable, employment-viable place left in the country.

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